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It’s not a cat-and-mouse game, as you might think. CATS, stands for Crash Arena Turbo Stars. You’ll still have a lot of cats in the game, and they’ll oversee the epic brawling machines. Build your ultimate machine and use it to take down others in the game. 

Use your imagination to challenge other players in epic PvP battles. Create your one-of-a-kind machine using a variety of gadgets. You can also use different weapons you’ve gathered and place them on your brawling machine to beat your opponents quickly. Take part in exciting challenges and competitions to become the champion.

Our reviews will tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic game from ZeptoLab.


In the game, players will accompany a courageous CATS enthusiast on his quest to become the world champion. The story starts off from Uncle Tony’s invitation who wants you to become a champion. He then gives you a tiny machine as a birthday present. Snake and the gangs approached you soon after, demanding that the machine be returned, on which Uncle Tony replies that it has been given to someone better. 

So now is the time to reciprocate his kindness by assisting him in defeating the bad gangsters with your newly acquired machine. Equip it with weapons and upgrades to battle the villainous Snake and his crew. This is where your trip begins. Never quit until you’ve won with the most powerful machine in history.

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Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features:

Create Your Ideal Machine by Experimenting With Various Design Possibilities

Realize your childhood ambition by becoming the master engineer you’ve always wanted to be. In CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, you can experiment with different engineering and crafting options with your master machine. Create your own machine with unique mechanics and upgrade parts to increase its power and damage.  

Face Off Against Other Games in Spectacular and Funny Pvp Encounters

In these epic and hilarious battles, you’ll find yourself becoming the neighbourhood’s meanest cat. Online PvP combat is also available in the game, where players can pit their machines against other players. To increase your chances of winning, make sure your machines are well-designed and upgraded.

Compete Against Gangs From All Over the World

Only the powerful can reign over the weak in this city. As a result, gamers and their gang can take on the epic global challenges and conquer the entire city in exciting co-op gaming with their gang mates. Challenge gangs from all around the world and demonstrate your strength.

In the World Championship, Fight Your Way to the Top

Above all, CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars offers an outstanding World Championship where you can compete against the most challenging opponents from across the world. To proceed to the next round, play with several CATS players, each of whom has different styles and maneuverability.

Unlock Incredible Weapons to Use on Your Mech

Cats: Crash Arena Turbo Stars provides access to a plethora of fascinating weaponry and gadgets. You must amass the most bizarre weaponry and create the most incredible designs to fool your opponents. To win the game, you must also employ different tactics and methods depending on your opponents.

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Profit From Your Bets While Having Fun

Together with humorous matches, gamers can also participate in betting games to earn some extra cash. As a result, as you wait for your next match, you can walk around and place bets on other bots to win. Who knows, you might become wealthy even if you don’t win the title.

Become the Greatest in the Game and Form Your Group

Find yourself ruling the streets with your gang, including all your best friends. Make your most potent machines and use them in an epic clan war. In CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, players will have a lot of fun with several bouts that involve up to 3v3 clashes. Make your clan’s hideout a secret meeting place with your gang’s members.

Share Your Achievements on Social Media

You may quickly connect the game to your social accounts if you want your progress to be shared online. Feel free to brag about your accomplishments in CATS Mod APK and share your progress with your friends.

Completing the Season Will Win You Rewards

Seasonal events are also introduced to gamers in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, which endure for a fixed time. Each season has its own set of themes, missions, and prizes. You have the option of completing these seasons to receive fantastic rewards.

It’s Completely Free to Play

The game is presently available for Android users to play for free. As a result, you may effortlessly install the game on your devices at any time and from any location. Visit the Google Play Store, and the game will always be available for download.

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Take Pleasure in the Game’s Updated Version

Download our CATS Mod APK on your devices whenever you want to play with the game entirely unlocked. Furthermore, the game will be ad-free, so you will not be harassed by them.

Sound and Video Quality 


Take pleasure in the game’s adorable and lively graphics when fighting your opponents with unique weaponry and visual stuns. You must also pay attention to the design of your machine so that it doesn’t collapse to the ground. On the other side, the game’s simple aesthetics make it user-friendly. As a result, you’ll have no trouble enjoying the seamless and engaging gameplay on low-end devices.


Cats: Crash Arena Turbo Stars players will be thoroughly engrossed in the battles, thanks to the game’s accurate and pleasant sound effects. Furthermore, the soothing soundtracks will have you listening for hours.

Cats: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Mod 3.01.45 Android Apk Download

Cats: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is one of your best options if you’re searching for a basic action game with unique gameplay and features and, most importantly, rapid matchups so you can play whenever you want. Join your gang in the land of machine combat and use your ultimate contraptions to reach to the top.

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