Among Us MOD APK 2021.12.15 for Android Users (Unlocked)

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DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Size87 MB
MOD Features– No Kill Cooldown
– Unlimited Emergencies Meetings
– Unlocked Skins
– Unlocked Pets
– Unlocked Hats
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Prepare to have your mind blown as you play this incredible Innersloth game. During the game, you’ll encounter amusing acts and perplexing questions as you endeavor to uncover the imposters among you. Interact with friends and players from around the world in fascinating matchups, each with its own set of challenges.

Among Us, the famous PC game is now available on mobile devices, allowing you to partake in various fascinating experiences. Immerse yourself in the world of tricksters and experience the same level of madness and thrill. Most significantly, you can now play the fantastic game on the go.

With our in-depth reviews, learn more about this intriguing mobile title by Innersloth.


For those interested, Among Us now offers exciting action and puzzle-solving gameplay as you compete against other players in an addicting real-time clash. With your crewmates, embark on an exciting spacecraft voyage. 

To stay on the spaceship, you must collaborate with other players to expose the imposters or risk being killed altogether. Simultaneously, you can attempt to perform all the assigned tasks and repair the spaceship to win the game.

If you play as the imposter, you can try to disrupt the spaceship’s facilities, making it more difficult for the crew to perform their duties. Simultaneously, aim to eliminate any lonely or unguarded players to increase your chances of winning.

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At the end of each round, the members will have a heated debate to determine who the imposters are. Both sides must try every trick in the book to expose or misdirect the opponent, making their goals easier to fulfill.


The following are some of the features of the game. 

Simple Controls Allow You to Play the Game Immediately

Android players will appreciate the game’s basic and accessible control options, which will make it easier for them to enjoy the game. Use the virtual joystick controllers to move about and press the ‘use button’ to interact with specific gadgets. Press the report button if you ever find a dead body and wish to report it. You’ll also have the option of smashing other players in half when playing as the imposter.

Have a Good Time on Both Sides

You can also play on both sides in this game, which adds to its appeal. Have fun playing as imposters or astronauts who are being perplexed by mysterious opponents in the final battle with friends and other Internet players. Discover innovative gameplay and engaging interactions that will allow you to get more out of the game’s features. 

Playing With Real People Online Is a Lot of Fun

You can have fun with their friends and online gamers in exciting PvP confrontations, which will enhance your gaming skills and abilities. Take part in exciting confrontations with up to ten players per team and join in heated debates or work together with your buddies to destroy the spaceship.

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Mini-Games That Are Fun to Play

The game will introduce you to several unique mini-games throughout your in-game travels, which you can enjoy and have fun with. Feel free to dive into the thrilling missions, where you’ll have the opportunity to play a variety of mini games, each with its distinct gameplay. 

Interactions Between Players That Are Exciting

When it comes to in-game interactions, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the thrills of Among Us. Feel free to participate in fascinating in-game interactions that will allow you to get more enjoyment. You can easily kill other players by impersonating them or if you’re playing as innocent astronauts, get into heated debates to figure out who the killer is. Decide whether any of you should be kicked out of the establishment by casting your votes.

Customize Your In-Game Characters to Your Heart’s Content

Android games can try out unique customizations that allow the in-game characters to transform to make the game more exciting. Also, while participating in online gameplay, unlock a variety of interesting outfits and accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Free to Play

Despite the game’s fascinating features, you can still play it for free, owing to the Google Play Store’s free app. Play with your friends and other online gamers from across the world as you explore the amazing world of Among Us and its numerous features.

However, because it includes adverts and in-app purchases, you will need to unlock Among Us to get the most out of it. If you don’t want to spend real money, the customized version of the game on our website is always a decent option.

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Not only will you be able to enjoy ad-free and unlocked gameplay, but we will also supply you with a variety of exciting mods that will allow you to enjoy the game in a unique way. Download the Among Us Mod APK from our website and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.

Sound and Video Quality


Among Us manages to impress gamers with its distinctive 2D motions and aesthetic components, despite the lack of spectacular 3D visuals or noteworthy visual effects. You may relax and enjoy the great adventures with your characters, while exploring the strange surroundings and intriguing graphics. Not to mention the simple aesthetics that make this game more accessible.

Music and Sound

Among Us also introduces gamers to its intriguing visual experiences, which include amusing sound effects and interesting aesthetics. The captivating soundtracks will keep you engrossed and enthralled. 

Final Say

With its basic yet fantastic gameplay, Among Us allows its players to interact easily with one another and enjoy the action adventures. In this humorous spacecraft incident, feel free to engage with friends and other gamers from all around the world. Among Us features unique and engaging in-game components that set it apart from other mobile games. Furthermore, the customized version of the game available on our website will provide you with more entertainment and fun.

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