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Animal Warfare is a war strategy game developed by PlaySide Studios with an animal conflict as the central premise. Players take on the role of animal generals, arranging dozens of animals into formations, fighting ferocious battles in simulated conflicts, and overcoming many hurdles to win the game.

Animal Warfare is a game with a pixel-style military concept similar to Art of War. Both games feature a similar pixel art aesthetic and a strategic battle system with incredible levels. Animal Warfare features lions, bears, giraffes, and other protagonists. The Art of War, on the other hand, deals with the infantry, guns and cannons. 

Animal Warfare is now ranked 27th in the top free downloadable games on Google Play Store. It attracted over 100,000 downloads and got a great customer feedback. There have been over 2,700 reviews with an average rating of 4.6. So, if you enjoy simple and addicting strategy mobile games or are fond of the Art of War, then this game is a must have for you. 

General Information

The mobile edition of Animal Warfare features a stunning display. It makes the screen simpler and clearer by using low-poly animal graphics. In the game, players can command a variety of animals to combat. Each animal has its own set of skills. Wolves have excellent mobility but moderate damage while the elephant herd is immense and dangerous. However, the cost is high, and the attack speed is poor.

The mix of each animal can provide for a more enjoyable military confrontation. Each animal has the potential to become a formidable war spear; with a variety of gaming activities to help build your strength. The gaming material is quite intriguing through various battle methods, and you can add additional intriguing content to the mix.

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Animal Warfare has a simplistic and fresh artistic style. You can earn rewards by participating in a variety of challenge modes. Deal with large fights, including hundreds of different levels. Remember to acquire a variety of animals because each one has its own set of skills and abilities. The game has a rich and addicting upgrade system and spectacular animal battles that will put your command skills to the test.

You can devise various military methods to counter and repel attacks from formidable foes. It can combine each player with other in-game units to strengthen the army. You will become a great commander in the game, guiding your animals through deadly fights. Your experience will be high-quality and soothing, due to the spectacular visuals.

Players must adequately construct their lineup and fill up the gaps with one another. Animal Warfare is an addictive game that combines basic strategic combat with a mystical animal battle. To line up troops, you can utilize a variety of mock animals in the game. 

Overall Evaluations

Animal Warfare offers an intriguing gameplay. Players must recruit various animals to join their army as the game progresses through. Thanks to a well-thought-out layout, they can engage in a ferocious battle with the adversary and emerge victorious. Lastly, you’ll be able to earn extra money. 

Animal Warfare’s design is straightforward and practical. Wild boars, orangutans, antelopes, foxes, giraffes, bison, kangaroos, and other species can be found in the game. It offers gamers a rich visual experience, whether shown or conveyed using animal features. It transforms the terrible war game into vibrant and cute animal combat, affectionate style, vivid backgrounds, and individual levels.

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The distinction between Animal Warfare and other games, in my opinion, lies in the combinations. The distinction is limited to the protagonist’s transformation from animal to the human on the surface. The relationship between hero and unit augmentation must be balanced for victory.

Animal Wars Is a Good Alternative

Despite being marketed as a MOBA, Animal Wars is more like a first-person shooter when using the conventional shoulder-level third-person perspective. One of the key aspects of the MOBA game genre is the cast of heroes, each with their own set of skills. Animal Wars offers gameplay similar to Overwatch when it comes to surprising high-speed PVP engagements. One of the game’s distinctive aspects is its main character which you can control easily.

The character offers a unique set of special abilities that can be activated using the virtual keyboard on the screen. For example, the cock Cashman will concentrate on wide-area explosive strikes in addition to the ability to stun the opponent during the explosion. This trait makes this character ideal for individuals who enjoy playing pranks. Despite the lack of distinct classifications, you can still play classic positions like a gunner, support, and tanker, just as you do in other MOBA games.

A trap system or a bush that provides surprises to both sides are among random features in the game that add to its attractiveness. Furthermore, there is some special equipment that can assist you in ambushing the enemy when necessary. Animal Wars is designed to be a fun game, with brief matches, lasting no more than five minutes. 

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Final Thoughts

Animal Warfare Mod Apk is a mobile game that features animal army warfare action. Match the animals you want in your animal army, then use their characteristics to battle the enemies. You must level up to strengthen your animals.

To raise the craziness of an automatic battle simulation game, players must add dozens of cute and nasty creatures to the battle. Lions, dogs, bears, and other animals make up the pack. Then send them to the animal war to compete for gold medals and glory. You have complete freedom to form alliances, control your animal characters, and eliminate all. Animals can be synthesized, and tower defenses can also be deployed. 

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