Tower Conquest Mod Apk 23.0.11g for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperClickteam USA LLC
Requires2.3 and up
Size107 MB
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Tower Conquest takes you on a fascinating adventure through the tactical universe. The game takes place in an animated 2D environment filled with turmoil, where you command your army as it seeks glory. Recruit strong warriors and build the ideal army. Your goal is to destroy the opposing buildings while exploring the boundless charming landscape. You will gain more magnificent riches as you defeat more adversaries. 

Exciting Tactics 

Tower Conquest is a strategy-based game where you command a large army to fight your opponents. The game provides five distinct factions with roughly 70 different characters (including heroes and distinctive towers). Each hero and tower has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

The game is fast-paced, so you’ll need a smart strategy, rapid observation abilities, and a decent understanding of defense and assault. You acquire cards to unlock units after several matches. Each upgrade comes with a slew of amazing capabilities and one-of-a-kind features. The game features an extensive map system with exciting prizes, and it is constantly updated with new worlds, daily quests, and merchant services. 

Because the game is configurable, you can construct up to five different squad roles. The game allows players to send gifts to their Facebook friends and fight with them too in the game. Tower Conquest provides simple entertainment strategies that are both engaging and appealing. You call troops and command your army through a series of increasingly harder levels. 

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The game claims to deliver a fantastic experience through fierce matches. Make sure you have the correct cards on hand and your gameplay is basic. 

2d Graphics 

Tower Conquest is a classical game that comes with primary houses on each side of the two corners of the phone screen in landscape style. Players can carry up to 6 cards in each match, including 1 main house, 4 warriors and 1 leader card. Each warrior/leader card requires a different amount of summoning energy. Also, players must collect enough energy points to summon the appropriate warrior. The game is over when one player’s main house is destroyed. The game features a variety of warrior cards from which players can choose.

Gold coins are used to upgrade cards in Tower Conquest. Each upgrade will boost your strength, health, speed, and other stats. The player can even level up the cards if they collect the required quantity of cards. The card can change its look and gain substantial power from here. There are many different sorts of cards in the game and are categorized into five categories: Kingsmen (Knights’ Kingdom), Undead (Zombies), Robots (Robots), Jade Empire, and Invaders (alien invaders). You have the option of selecting your preferred class and customizing your combat style (including main house card, warrior card, and leader card). Each card will have unique abilities and combat strategies.

The soundtrack for Tower Conquest has a moderate but heroic beat. 2D images are created with bright colors and are great. The primary lines appeal to the players with humorous and adorable characters. The fight/skill effects of the cards are displayed in a compelling manner, ensuring that the game remains engaging at all times.

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Global Connection and Interesting Play Mode E

There are two major game modes in Tower Conquest. The campaign mode is the initial mode. Players must progress through a series of challenging levels. Each round will have a different and intriguing subject. Players will travel to fascinating realms and face incredible obstacles to earn enticing gifts. 

Event challenge mode appears for a limited time at random. Players can participate in special tasks and pass through gates with varying degrees of difficulty. Of course, if you make it through the gates, the players will be rewarded handsomely. In addition, the game provides a worldwide arena in which they can match up at random to compete against one another. 

The winner will receive experience points, which will help them climb the global rankings. Also, if you enjoy practicing, you can check out the “Train” feature, which allows gamers to earn incentives after spending a specific amount of time. Alternatively, you can play “Age of War 2” to immerse yourself in spectacular 2D turn-based warfare across several eras. You must raise a massive army, which includes everything from cavemen riding dinosaurs to modern tanks and robot fighters from the future. 

In a nutshell, Tower Conquest provides gamers with thrilling 2D fights. The game is simple in design and offers classic horizontal gameplay. Players must use judgment and strategic thinking in each encounter to overcome the enemy. Prepare to go on a quest for glory in the Tower Conquest realm. To destroy enemy towers, explore the boundless globe, and find magnificent treasures to power up. You compete against other players to win the global tournaments. 

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  • Five classes, 70 characters, and distinct heroes and towers provide tactical variety.
  • 50+ unique backgrounds and vibrant 2D art graphics
  • Collect cards to unlock and improve your forces (troops/cannons).
  • Explore the vast map system for a variety of prizes.
  • Select from the daily Quest or Merchant game modes.
  • Facebook allows you to share gifts with your pals.
  • Fight against worldwide players to improve your global rating.


  • In comparison to the 2D lateral method, there are few advances.
  • The sound isn’t quite hot enough yet.

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