Emily Wants To Play MOD APK 1.8 for Android Users (Paid for free)

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DeveloperSKH Apps
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Are you tired of most games on your phone and want to try something a little more immersive and powerful? Then you’ve come to the right place since Emily Wants to Play is about to become your new favorite horror mobile game.

As you go on your ultimate survival challenges in this epic game, explore and experience the great gameplay directly on your Android devices. Race against the clock while avoiding the hazards that lurk around you. 

With our review, you can learn more about this fantastic game by SHK Apps.


Android gamers will take on the role of a regular pizza delivery person. You discover yourself in a seemingly abandoned house as you rush to accomplish your last delivery and call it a day. The lawn is overgrown, all the windows are securely boarded up, and the place looks strange. With the front door is open and light is streaming in from the house, you get the impression that the house is still occupied. You don’t want to return as it’s your last delivery.

As you get closer to the house, a storm begins to rage around you. Because you have nowhere else to go, your only option is to run into the house before someone comes out to take the order. And then, just as you go beyond the entrance, the door slams shut behind you. 

When you go back to the door, it’s locked from the inside and can’t be opened. As time passes, the home becomes increasingly creepy. You’ve realized that this isn’t a nice place to spend much time. You must, however, find another way out because this door does not budge. As a result, you move around the house and start looking for an escape route. 

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Explore the entire house slowly but steadily, looking for hints that will aid you in your escapes. Also, keep in mind that you are not alone in this spooky mansion. The malevolent spirit, as well as the countless haunting dolls, can attack you at any time. Avoid being seen or taken by them by staying clever and vigilant. If you don’t want to die, look for clues and discover your way out.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s fascinating features.

Simple Touch Controls

Android gamers will be immersed in a fascinating and engaging game filled with terrifying and thrilling adventures. As you discover this odd and terrifying space, explore and experience the spine-chilling gameplay.

Use the easy touch controls to move your character about. To freely interact with different things, tap on them. To speed up and run away or flash your lights in pitch-black locations, select the small icons at the top of the screen.

A Little House With Many Things to See and Do.

Even though it’s a modest house, gamers will discover their surroundings to be broad and interactive. You’ll get access to several different regions of the house, each with its own set of objects and activities to interact with. Make sure to examine them thoroughly to uncover fresh clues and secrets hidden within this spooky mansion.

Interact With Various Objects and Props

Gamers are free to interact with practically every object and prop they come across. Because each object and item plays a unique function, you’ll need to pay close attention to every detail if you want to gather them all.

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Look About the House for Clues and Try to Solve Unique Riddles

If you want to find new clues, you should pause and think as you interact with the surrounding objects and items. Spend some time deciphering the various signals and hints that have been provided to you.

Stay Away From the Nefarious Spirits

Emily and her three dolls used to come out and play at specific times of the day. Now, the entire house is haunted by them. So, if you don’t want to be abducted and tormented by these awful beasts, you’ll need to plan and time your escape. They’ll not only toy with you, but they’ll eat you alive.

Ad-Free Experience

The game doesn’t include commercials, which you should anticipate from games in this category, especially those for mobile devices. You’ll find yourself playing the game whenever you want without being plagued by the adverts, which are a constant annoyance.

Play the Game on Your Own or With the Help of the Internet

Game developers have included offline gaming that you can enjoy whenever you’re outside. You won’t need to have your devices linked to the Internet. All you would need is your phone to start off with playing the game.

You Can Play the Entire Game for Free

While the game is presently available as a premium edition on the Google Play Store, you can play it for free on your mobile devices. It’s as simple as downloading and installing our customized version of the game instead. After you’ve followed the directions to install the game successfully, you can start playing it. 

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Sound and Video Quality


With the game’s unexpectedly outstanding 3D graphics, you’ll be thoroughly immersed in the world of horror and puzzle-solving action. Feel free to go throughout the simple house and switch between the various in-game props, each with its own detailed and realistic design. Most significantly, the game is incredibly accessible and can be played on most Android smartphones, thanks to its simple aesthetics.


The game allows Android gamers to immerse themselves in the atmospheric realm of horror gameplay. Enjoy the game to the fullest because it captures and recreates even the tiniest nuances. Feel as if you’re trapped within the house, surrounded by these nefarious beasts. 


Fans of the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s: SL, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, and other fantastic titles in the series will undoubtedly enjoy Emily Wants to Play’s awesome gameplay. Dive into yet more excellent horror and puzzle gaming, complete with in-depth features, immersive settings, and strangely fulfilling encounters. Of course, you can play the game for free on our website.

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