Drive Mod Apk 2.2.78 for Android Users (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperPixel Perfect Dudexa
Requires4.1 and Up
Size154 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Unlocked
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Join the most thrilling and realistic driving simulations as you play Drive on your smartphones. 

Our evaluations will tell you everything you need to know about this fantastic game.


The game was inspired by the renowned 1970s films’ epic rides, which featured a lot of driving and street action. Players will take on the role of a truck driver who has ample experience in driving automobiles. Step into your cars, choose your destinations and hit the road as you travel across classic scenes from the previous century. 


Here you’ll find a list of all the game’s current intriguing features.

Excellent Features With Realistic Physics

You are introduced to an entirely new racing mechanism that heavily relies on your ability to handle cars and senses. When riding in your vehicle with realistic physics, you’ll have to rely on real-world knowledge. When making turns, for example, you must consider the car’s weight and momentum, especially if you’re moving at a fast speed.

Simple Controls

Players have access to easy and intuitive controls to make the game as welcoming as possible. While you only need to worry about the direction, there are thousands of other elements to consider. These factors merge together to make the controls simple and challenging. 

During the game, players are introduced to different lessons and guidelines, making the game highly intuitive and pleasant. Particularly in the early phases, when you don’t have much experience.

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Run Away From the Cops

One of the most thrilling aspects is to increase your speed to avoid the bothersome cops chasing you. Use the terrains, boosts, and other vehicles on the road to create obstacles and prevent them from getting up to you. 

Collect Important Commodities and Resources

Two things will require your attention while traveling: petrol and gold. As you ride along the road, try to collect as much gold as possible to earn various boosts. In addition, players must take care of their gas tank, ensuring that it has adequate gasoline for each course. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to move further.

Choose From a Variety of Boosters and Power-UPS

You can pick up numerous boosts and power-ups for your vehicles during your journey to make it more fun. Choose the proper ones and collect as many as you can to allow you to go faster.

You can also use the snow shovel to clear other vehicles and obstacles from the road or use the speed boosts to push your car to its limits. 

Choose Your Preferred Vehicle 

Travel in luxury by hopping inside some of the most renowned vehicles from the past. Pretend to be a cop and ride about town on your Sneaky Beak ’69, arresting criminals. Alternatively, you can become a bus driver and step on a classic bus to deliver your customers to their desired locations.

Compete on a Variety of Maps and Terrains

Players will be introduced to a completely new riding experience, where driving is more than just racing. It’s all about savoring the moment as you travel through the country that entails astounding views and sceneries. Players can move on their bikes across the country on numerous maps and terrains.

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It’s Free to Play

The game is presently available for free. Android gamers can enjoy a fantastic riding experience in which they can enjoy the moment.

Sound and Video Quality


The game has simple graphics that transport you to various locations across the country. Enjoy your driving experiences and be amazed by the natural beauty and surroundings. Furthermore, the game guarantees a smooth and continuous gameplay experience free of delays or stutters.


The game will take you on a journey full of surprises, complete with soothing music and sound effects. You’ll be treated to some impressive audio effects as you play this driving game.

Download Drive Mod Apk 2.2.55 for Android

This game is a fantastic title for individuals who appreciate the thrilling sensations of driving through infinite roads while admiring nature in its natural state.

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