Real Time Shields Mod Apk 0.14.5 (Unlimited Gold) For Android Users

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DeveloperLion Studios
Requires5.1 & Up
Size109 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold
Updated02 Days Ago
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Real-Time Shields is a fun 3D strategy game with stick characters. During the game, you need to repel attackers and command a formidable army. To safeguard the base, you must command, improve, and move the squad in a suitable manner. React quickly in real-time to tactical situations, maneuver your army against your opponents, and prevent them from reaching the tower. Enemies will continue to attack from all sides, and you’ll have to combat them with high quantity of guns and ammunitions. 


Real-Time Shields provides a fantastic army-building simulation experience. Your goal is to construct sensible patterns for your army so that they can defend your castle against powerful foes. You’ll have to defend the stronghold against enemies’ waves to achieve ultimate glory. 

Real-Time Shields is a basic game with simple controls. It requires your finger to guide the army through exciting real-time combat. You can draw anything you want, including circles, hearts, curves, and any other pattern that will protect your foundation. 

Win fantastic prizes and take advantage of the units’ capabilities. Upgraded armies, increased powers, and the addition of a variety of unique equipment and skills help you progress. To combat a high number of foes, you must respond rapidly. Shields, javelins, spears, and other weapons can be used to defeat opponents in this game. 

You have complete control over everything and you can easily create the proper formation to battle the enemy. The sight of the enemy shattering into dust will astound and fascinate you. Different upgrades are available in the game, which makes your troops stronger. As you equip yourself with additional things, your army develops new abilities.

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During the game, you must be quick to think and act, with no time to rest, for the opponent will attack at any time. Updates have added a lot of fresh and fascinating stuff to the game. Many additional features, such as new maps, units, and upgrades, are constantly being introduced. When you take part in exciting boss bouts, you’ll confront obnoxious bosses, and difficult battles. To survive brutal battles, you must, of course, develop into a true warrior.

You can upgrade your army, and unlock powerful battle troops after winning games. Because enemy waves will arrive in huge quantities and will not be interrupted, you must line up properly. Enemies will attack from all sides, and you’ll need to deal with them while defending the monument with deadly weaponry and battle groups.


Real-Time Shields features simple controls and easy learning. The controls are simple to master, and you won’t notice much of a difference when playing.

Sound and Graphics

Real-Time Shields offers fantastic 3D graphics that are sharp and easy to understand. Players will have a terrific sense of heated encounters. In addition, the game’s sound effects have provided a great atmosphere for gaming; footsteps, screamed soldiers, enemy shattering, and dramatic background music can be heard throughout the game.


If you enjoy real-time strategy games, Real-Time Shields is the ideal choice. The control technique is simple; all you need to do is place your finger on the device screen to create the appropriate defense. Deploy your men in the most advantageous locations against the enemy. 

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To repel the enemy, you will need to respond swiftly and decide. After each successful battle, you can keep one of three enhancements (including the army, unit, and city). Attempt to win and gain access to a wealth of exciting opportunities. The game presents new realms, and each new enhancement will provide you with a wealth of fresh experiences. Prepare for a thrilling battle with invading forces and assemble formidable squads to fight off invaders. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game now and enjoy.

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