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If you like the popular series “Evolution” – a science-fiction game – you’ll enjoy the sequel “Evolution 2: Action Games Offline and Online.” Evolution 2 renders a different look at the universe. The game generates a unique atmosphere where you can shoot, strategize and role-play. It offers a third-person perspective gameplay. Download “Evolution 2” and experience epic battles like never before.


Fantastic Story

Evolution 2 is set in a post-apocalyptic world where biotechnologies are used. The tale is breathtaking with numerous surprises arriving at critical moments in the game. It starts off with plunder on Planet Utopia, which is dominated by evil forces, such as bandits, monsters, and cruel robots. During the game, players fight with high-tech weapons and Captain Blake’s special abilities. Blake is the primary character in the game, with magical abilities. To play the game, command Blake and unleash powerful devastation.

Explore Exciting Battles 

From a third-person perspective, Evolution 2 offers interesting battles on Planet Utopia, which is dominated by monsters and other species. The control system is relatively simple with common movements, special powers and firing abilities.   

Ideal Mix of Components

Evolution 2 is a fantastic action game with a superb blend of numerous components. The game is divided into several stages, each with its own unique figures and screenplay. Your goal is to eliminate all adversaries. If you complete the difficulty levels, you will gain access to a wealth of new stuff. Support goods, powerful weaponry, and numerous precious accessories are available in the game.

Evolution 2 strikes a unique balance between a third-person shooter, strategic action, and an RPG character creation system. You can focus on a certain skill set or create your character with skill balance method. The game provides numerous fantastic rewards, which you can use to unlock or upgrade new weapons for your character.

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The player can engage in the PvE campaigns, where many interesting tasks and unique monsters are introduced. To battle tough foes, you must upgrade your character. The game includes an online option, allowing you to participate in exciting online matches. Aim to climb the leaderboard to earn special goodies. Evolution 2 is an online shooting game that you can play with your friends.

Discover a Wide Range of Weapons

Powerful weaponry and unique upgrade systems are available to players. You can employ standard pistols, deadly cannons, or biological weapons. You can also enhance your base to find new territories and future technologies. The game introduces a realm that is both open and limitless. To purchase the essential items, you’ll need rare resources. High-quality 3D visuals add to the attractiveness of Evolution 2. With powerful weapons and appealing outfits, you can enjoy the game even more. 

Maintain Planet Utopia’s Tranquility

Your main objective in the game is to maintain Planet Utopia’s tranquility and eliminate all enemies from it. Make sure you are equipped with modern weapons that can wipe out the creatures in a single go. 


In conclusion, Evolution 2 is a fantastic 3D action game for smartphones. The game features stunning 3D graphics and engaging action. On your smartphone, you have a lot of fascinating gun battles, where you can instantly join online matches with friends.

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