Caves (Roguelike) Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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GenresRole Playing
Requires4.0 & Up
Size32 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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“A roguelike is a type of role-playing video game that features turn-based gameplay, tile-based graphics, and irreversible death.” In this game, you will control a character and explore numerous resources. Let us now explore Caves (Roguelike).


Dark Place Filled With Numerous Surprises

Caves (Roguelike) is a role-playing game created and distributed by 36Dev. The game can be installed on Android-based mobile devices and is accessible on Google Play. The game is free to download and can be played in single-player mode. It offers several resources, such as money, gems, etc. Furthermore, there are numerous hazards, such as skeletons, explosive barrels and other objects. The game’s sound is realistic. When your character is fighting your adversaries, you will hear their footsteps or other sounds in the game. 

Begin Exploring Everything in the Dark

Your primary goal is pretty simple. You will be at a base with a cloning system and an upgrade station, where all you have to do is to control your character and navigate through the dark. Moving to the left or right progressively expands the environment around you, revealing a wealth of resources. You must gather gold and gems by shattering rocks or smashing huge stones.

Furthermore, you will encounter numerous skeletons which can move and attack you. Furthermore, the game becomes tougher when the skeletons arrive in the dark. To defeat them, you’ll require a high level of expertise. In addition, if you’ve looked in every nook and cranny and still can’t find anything, you can smash a rock to locate a new path and move on. However, you must exercise caution because the rock contains a skeleton. In addition, there are certain monsters and obstacles to defeat and overcome in the game. 

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Create Your Personality

Players will be able to create their characters, just like in other games. Each character in the game will have its own set of stats. By adjusting three indicators, you can create your unique character. i.e. Strength, Agility, and Luck. Some examples are melee, ranged, crit chance, crit damage, items drop, and health. You will receive several resources and incentives due to your strong character.

Furthermore, each character will feature five distinctive skills. Thanks to Super Speed, multiple actions can be performed in a single turn. Base teleport-strike also allows you to teleport to a specific enemy and hit him with a melee weapon before returning to your original position (during one turn). However, when you explore the area, you are only given one of five exceptional powers. Caves (Roguelike) also includes up to 35 characters for you to discover.

Furthermore, the game provides players with a large weapon arsenal classified as armor, melee weapons, ranged weapons, artifacts, mining tools, etc. Each weapon has a unique ability, which can be enhanced by using gems. Upgrade your weaponry to battle all foes more effectively and quickly.

Caves Help You Unwind (Roguelike)

Players control their character, dig into the gloomy location with their pickaxe, and hunt for materials in this game. Caves (Roguelike) will appeal to a wide range of gamers, from children to adults. While playing the game, move into the crafting station on your base and gather resources to create unique and strong goods. Both magic and advanced technology coexist, from daggers and bows to plasma cannons and energy swords. Furthermore, the player can play the game that doesn’t require Internet usage. When you’re tired or stressed, this game will help you unwind. 

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