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DeveloperAvega Games
Requires5.0 & Up
Size24.77 MB
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
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Gangs Town Story is an open-world action game in which you will become a true gangster. You have the freedom to act insane and establish a fantastic criminal empire. Rise to the top of the gang as ‘head’ and gain access to several powers. The game features a lot of fun mechanics and action. In Gangs Town Story, you will have a lot of say in the fate of a black mob. You’ll start tiny and work your way up to become the true leader in the epic struggle against other gangsters. 

The game has a large city and a thrilling mafia world. You must investigate and destroy hostile gangs, participate in powerful fights, and solve numerous challenging puzzles. Prepare to achieve your objective of becoming the mafia’s boss while exploring a fantastic open universe. Shooting, racing, battling, gangster, thief, and corrupt police are just a few of the exciting actions available in the game. 


Investigate the Crime Scene

Gangs Town Story is a large open city filled with gangs, criminals, and cops. You can enjoy skyscrapers and live the abundant life of criminals, among other things. To achieve your objectives, you must engage in gang fights, steal automobiles, and fight the cops. The game offers many pathways to follow, and you must conquer the neighborhoods to become the mafia’s boss. You will truly experience the gangster crime world by exploring every inch of this open metropolis. 

The game contains a lot of content, and you’ll be able to perform a lot of spectacular missions. Prepare yourself to battle gangs and the cops on the streets at any time. You have the freedom to take your favorite car and race across the globe. After each combat or quest, you’ll receive valuable materials that you can use to enhance your weapons and win crime fights.

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Different Types of Guns

In this game, you’ll learn a lot of new stuff. Employ hundreds of deadly weapons and manage various vehicles, just like in “Car Parking Multiplayer.” Equip your character with fantastic artillery and move on in the game to conquer difficult trials. Sniper rifles, flamethrowers, grenades, and other lethal weapons are available in the game. The game is not easy, and you must defeat enemy gang zones to gain power. 

Gangs Town Story gives you complete control and a unique experience. You can mix and match clothing to create your style, whether you want to be a hippie or a mafia businessman. Many clothing boutiques are available in the game to allow you to customize your character’s appearances. Some clothes items, in particular, assist you in acquiring unusual superpowers. Each of its unique talents will aid you in completing various challenges.

Discover the City

The motion of chasing cars at high speeds is one of the most intriguing aspects of “Gangs Town Story.” The game employs a third-person perspective to provide a full action experience. You can choose between piloting a tank or a car for thrilling conflicts. You can either follow your mafia path or join a powerful group. Select a vehicle and perform numerous missions. You are free to grab your favorite car on the street if you become bored. To win, you must fight the cops and gangsters. You can even employ the tank for amusement, defeating the formidable police with devastating weapons. With various weaponry, car stealing action, and police clashes, the game lets you realize your dream of becoming a true hero in an open crime metropolis.

Excellent Gameplay

Gangs Town Story provides the whole open-world action experience. To become ruler of the underworld, you must commit numerous actions. The game’s control scheme is simple and easy to use. Attack, jump, and interact with things. Although the game is influenced by GTA (Grand Theft Auto), it nonetheless offers a unique adventure. After completing several tasks, you can earn money and increase your reputation, allowing you to climb the ladder.

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In a nutshell, Gangs Town Story is a 3D action game. Despite being designed for mobile phones, the game boasts impressive 3D graphics. Prepare to be entertained by police and gangster battles. To become a mafia boss, you must live the life of a real city mobster and participate in various exciting activities.


With gangsters, cops, and special forces, explore the immense city.

Use various weapons (Minigun, Grenade Launcher, RPG, etc.) and vehicles (tanks, helicopters, etc.).

Enjoy the thrilling tale of a ruthless mafia journey.

Enjoy your freedom as others shoot, steal, and ruin everything.


The task remains uninteresting and monotonous after a long period of play.

The city remains underdeveloped.

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