My City: Popstar Mod Apk 2.0.0 (Paid for Free) For Android Users

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DeveloperMy Town Games
Requires4.1 & Up
Size94 MB
MOD FeaturesPaid for free
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My City, the popular pretend play series, is back and this time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the fascinating mobile title, which includes a variety of fun popstar adventures. As you try to form your music band, have fun finding the amazing in-game adventures. Perform tours all over the world and get famous. 

Explore the amazing qualities of life as a pop star by participating in various fun activities, from signing CDs for fans to doing interviews and discussions with supporters. Prepare for your shows and explore the backstage area with My City: Popstar’s incredible simulation gameplay.

With our in-depth reviews, learn more about this fantastic mobile title from My Town Games.


Android players will be able to enjoy the wonderful pretend play experiences in My City: Popstar, where you can comfortably introduce your in-game characters to the ultimate popstar simulation. Play in the band and assist the members in achieving their goals. Set up numerous works in the backstage area to prepare for upcoming performances. Inside the band bus, you can dance and interact with the characters. Also, enjoy a variety of entertaining minigames, each with its distinctive qualities.

My City: Popstar will provide stress-free experiences, allowing players to enjoy its features whenever they want. Experiment with the available characters, in-game surroundings, and intriguing props to create your scenarios. Create your designs for engaging in-game storylines and develop new ideas.

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All of the game’s fascinating features are listed below.

Begin Your New Pop Star Journey

You will have the opportunity to go with new pop star adventures and sing their songs to achieve fame. Set up several backstage settings to assist the band in many of their regular concerts. Customize the interactions between the characters as you see fit, and have fun with a variety of scenarios on your band bus, star interviews, fan meetups, and other adventures.

Set Up Your Scenarios in New Locales

Gamers will have access to various new venues, which they can use to create a variety of in-game scenarios. Work on the concert stage, in the dressing area, on your bus, at a celebrity party, at a popstar shopping center, or in a live interview studio. 

Playing With Interesting Characters

Feel free to utilize any of the 20 unique characters that will interact with the in-game props in various ways. Allow them to become pop stars and perform your catchy tunes.

Dress Up and Personalize the Characters for Free

Dress up your in-game characters and modify their appearances with various accessories. Transform your styled pop star into the polar opposite and vice versa. Customize your character’s appearances and allow fun in-game interactions. 


My City: Popstar will introduce gamers to numerous unique and fascinating events. Try out the great minigames and develop awesome strategies to advance.

Stress-Free Gameplay

Android gamers can enjoy My City: Popstar in their unique style, thanks to the stress-free and versatile gameplay. Enjoy the game as much as you want with no prerequisites or objectives to achieve. The in-depth and engaging aspects will give you endless playing options. 

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Appropriate for Children 

My City: Popstar has a game mode designed specifically for children. The game’s content and instructional gameplay will undoubtedly impress young gamers. Parents can relax knowing that their children are occupied with a suitable smartphone game anytime they need to leave the room.

Connect to Other Games

My City: Popstar features integrated content with many other games, allowing you to gain new characters and things. Start exploring new features and unlocking new experiences with the integrated gameplay. Also, take the celebrities on a shopping spree or a city tour for enjoyment. 

Have Fun With Your Buddies

My City: Popstar also features multi-screen gameplay, allowing kids to work on their characters and in-game accessories without interfering with other players. 

You May Play the Game for Free and With No Restrictions

Because the game is presently available as a paid mobile title on the Google Play Store, Android gamers may prefer to download the modified version. Enjoy working with unlimited in-game money and no advertising, keeping you engaged in the game for hours. Download and install the My City: Popstar Mod Apk and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Sound and Video Quality


Android gamers can have fun with My City: Popstar’s excellent in-game graphics and fascinating in-game animations. Begin by experimenting with the lovely hand-drawn characters in fantastic cartoon-based settings. Explore the surroundings and enjoy My City: Popstar’s fascinating gameplay with unique and colorful customizations. My City: Popstar, like many other games in the series, features simple and undemanding graphics that allow for seamless and pleasurable gameplay for all. 

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Music and Sound

You can fully immerse yourself in the settings, thanks to on-theme sound effects. At the same time, relax with the soothing soundtracks that will keep you captivated throughout the game. 

Last Thoughts

Gamers will undoubtedly appreciate their thrilling in-game experiences because of the appealing graphics and adaptable gameplay. Feel free to create unique in-game interactions and set up interesting scenarios. Learn how to use the various characters, goods, and unique locales to completely customize your game.

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