Score Hero Mod Apk 2.75 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperFirst Touch Games Ltd
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Size98 MB
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Score Hero’s exciting soccer action is back for a new season, and comes with fresh updates and enhancements to truly delight lovers with fantastic gameplay. Enjoy your epic career in Score Hero 2022 by embarking on a brand new adventure with your chosen player. Compete in some of the most competitive football categories globally and play with a variety of soccer clubs. 

With our in-depth reviews, you can learn more about this fantastic mobile game by First Touch Games.


You will have the opportunity to participate in an incredible career as a young football player in Score Hero 2022. Win matches while honing your talents so you can face tougher opponents. To become the true champion, compete in important contests, lead your teams to win, and gain countless personal glory. Enjoy the limitless in-game levels that will lead you through a series of huge soccer challenges and entertaining action. With increasing difficulty levels and engaging storylines after each match, you can become thoroughly immersed in the game. 


All of the game’s fascinating features are listed below.

Touch Controls

One of the game’s best features is the intuitive and responsive touch controls, which allow Android users to manipulate the trajectory of the balls as they attempt to make shots or passes. It uses the touchscreen to carry out your flexible commands, allowing you to bend the balls and perform flawlessly. 

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Numerous Competitive Leagues to Join

Score Hero 2022 will offer some of the most competitive football leagues for you to play in and enjoy, much like Dream League Soccer 2022 and other fantastic football games. As you battle and strive for victory with your favorite clubs from LaLiga, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Jupiler Pro League, and many other top competitions from across Europe and the world, have fun selecting various actual teams from LaLiga, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, Jupiler Pro League, and others. 

Follow Your Trip With Captivating Stories

You can follow our hero’s incredible exploits as he begins as a young player for an unknown squad in Score Hero 2022. Work your way up the ladder slowly, train hard, and give it your all in each match to gain respect. After that, you can join a better squad and participate in the top levels. In Score Hero 2022, you must complete many trials before you can taste glory and become a legend. 

In-Game Physics

Android gamers will have the opportunity to appreciate the realistic in-game physics, which allows for fantastic passes and shots with magical trajectories As a result, you can see the variations when dealing with the balls in various positions. Furthermore, the engaging touch controls will allow Android gamers to score incredible goals by curving balls between defenders, smashing them to the open goal, or making wonderful passes.

Officially Licensed Teams and Divisions

Participate in Score Hero 2022’s epic football career while playing with your favorite teams and divisions. Choose from 90 fully licensed teams and well-known leagues, such as LaLiga, Bundesliga, and others. 

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Feel Free to Pick and Choose Your Players

Feel free to pick your countries and compete in various international cups while wearing the flags of your home country. Change the appearance of your characters as you move through the game. You can alter your players’ hairstyles, beards, head profiles, names, numbers, jerseys, football kits, and other attributes. 

Buffs and Objects

Score Hero 2022 includes useful perks and equipment that will allow Android gamers to enjoy the soccer gameplay even more. Feel free to use the Rewind feature to go back in time and play the game again. Have fun experimenting with the useful buffs to improve your match capabilities and endurance. 

Infinite Hero Mode

You will be able to enjoy the Infinite Hero Mode where you can join your heroes in limitless soccer challenges. Enjoy shooting, taking free kicks, and participating in various interesting challenges that incorporate all of the game’s elements. 

Entertaining In-Game Commentary

Thanks to the fascinating in-game commentary, soccer fans can completely immerse themselves in the dramatic actions of Score Hero 2022. Immerse yourself in the matches and enjoy the football action to the fullest.

Connect With Facebook to Gain Access to New Features

Connect your Facebook account to Score Hero 2022 and experience interesting gameplay. Unlock the new sync feature, which allows you to save all your in-game progress to the Cloud. Plus, you can now share your achievements and trophies with friends who are also playing the game.

Offline Mode

First Touch Games added offline gaming to Score Hero 2022 for all Android gamers to make the game more accessible. As a result, no Internet connection is required to play the game. 

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Play for Free

You can still play the game for free on your mobile devices. So, download it from the Google Play Store and enjoy. 

Mod Version

As the game is still a freemium title, you will encounter advertisements and in-game purchases. As a result, if you don’t want to pay for the game, then download the modified version. We provide in-game features for free, with ad-free experiences to ensure that you are not troubled. All you have to do is download the Score Hero 2022 Mod Apk and follow the instructions to get started.

Sound and Video Quality


Prepare to enjoy the gameplay of Score Hero 2022, which features upgraded graphics over original games. The lifelike animations and amazing 3D graphics will make you feel like you’re watching a real match. The realistic mechanics and authentic stadium atmosphere will add to the enjoyment of the contests.

Music and Sound

Android gamers can now enjoy the exciting gameplay of Score Hero 2022 with realistic audio effects and outstanding graphics. Score Hero 2 will keep you involved in the fantastic mobile game with accurate commentary, intriguing sound effects, and exciting music.

Last Thoughts

You can immerse yourself in the wonderful mobile title and have absolute fun, thanks to the basic yet fascinating gameplay of soccer simulation and the novel in-game actions.

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