3D Driving Class Mod Apk 26.22 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperJohn 3:16
Requires4.1 & Up
Size26.22 MB
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A popular car driving simulation game in which you can switch from car to motorbike mode. It is one of the most popular kinds of racing games. Over 10 million people have downloaded the game. It offers many maps, vehicles, and special features such as changing tires and fixing cars. 

The accelerator pedal, brake pedal, and steering wheel simulation are all included in the 3D Driving Class. You’ll get great 3D graphics that imitate the rider’s perspective, giving you a realistic driving experience. 

General Information

The wonderful cities of Berlin, London, Paris, and even the countryside are all part of your driving school atmosphere. You can drive six different automobiles, including BMW, Honda, Scooter, Jeep, and Truck, through 21 tests ranging from easy to difficult. There are a few quirks in the game. However, you will see a slow-motion video of the driver getting back into the car and driving away. The sound effects in the game, such as the car starts, the siren, and the signal light, are also appropriate.

They created this game for both amusement and educational purposes. So we can overlook these oddities. There is a Free Run mode in the game which allows you to drive freely in any direction you like, such as seeing wonderful cities and taking the roads you want.

How Do You Play the 3D Driving Class Game?

Do you wish to save time and money by getting your driver’s license? 3D Driving Class is a driving simulation game that features exquisite 3D graphics and simple operations. Compared to other racing games, 3D Driving Class contains many impressive features. It will teach you essential driving skills, including turning, yielding to other traffic, parking under lights, and checking your rearview mirror. You can switch between third-person and first-person perspectives to see what works best for you.

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Practice in major cities with streets and signs, buildings, pedestrians, and other automobiles. You will sit in the driver’s seat and walk through the virtual world in which all traffic rules must be followed. Important realities, such as correct speed, signals, brakes, attention to signs, the appearance of mirrors, and proper detection, must all be observed.

3D Driving Class recognizes that no two road trips are the same. Its simulations can be customized to reflect a variety of scenarios. For example, changing the traffic volume to practice driving on quiet or crowded roads. You can even reduce visibility and making the surface more slippery. It offers snow and night modes to capture a variety of driving conditions. 

It has strict traffic restrictions, difficult road conditions, a flawless driving license examination system, humanized coaching coaches, and a wide range of real vehicles and motorcycles. 3D Driving Class is one of the few simple-to-use driving simulation programs available. It allows gamers to experience the finer points and drive in a safe way. 


Prepare to practice parking, driving through cross-traffic signals, turning right, and detecting the training ground. Our virtual driving instructor has always maintained a calm demeanor. It is also possible to drive in the rain, snow, and even night. You must be aware of when to activate the headlights and wipers. 

Off-road tours and large European motorways connecting Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Spain are also available. In the European edition, Switzerland is the country that is displayed. Class B (5 cars), Class S (2 four-wheelers), Class A (3 motorbikes), and our Pantheon scooter are among the vehicle fleets for various levels. We have particular laws for driving on the left side of London. Also, you will be bothered by our traffic noise with defensive training in Paris. 

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Alternatives to Consider

Car Parking Multiplayer

Learn how to drive a car and practice traffic maneuvers. Use the driver’s exceptional ability to park the car correctly. Car Parking Multiplayer is a game where city traffic and parking lot layout are well planned. Drive your car to park it at the designated location and enjoy. The game puts the drivers’ driving skills to the test. Players can have fancy cars which they can drive on different roads and park them correctly. The game is quite entertaining, and it does not just support multiplayer option. 

Final Thoughts

3D Driving Class is a casual game based on vintage automobile driving in which players get hands-on experience with real cars. Realistic graphics and operating systems are included in the game. You will learn to drive in the preferred mode, helping gamers to improve their driving skills. The game has a range of car models with unique skins and aesthetics, and it also supports the third and first driving perspectives. You will face various road conditions as you attempt to dominate the scene. Always finish tasks under challenging levels to earn gold coins and unlock more powerful cars.

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