Gacha Studio Mod Apk 2.1.2 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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“Gacha” is one of the most popular games in Japan. These games are based on the Japanese “Gashapon” system, which consists of slot machines with little capsules inside it. You never know what you’ll get when you put pennies in the machine, and the excitement of opening the box to see what you’ll get. Spend money to open boxes or item packs to gather gaming objects, cards, and characters.

You’ll employ them to fight other players and complete the game’s challenges. These cards and characters are usually available in various varieties, such as star stats or levels. Finding the goods with the highest and most potent ratings will be difficult. You must open thousands of item boxes and invest a large sum of money in the game’s micro transactions.

In other words, you will be able to dress up your character whenever you play Gacha Studio. Furthermore, because you cannot foresee what goods you will collect, there will always be surprises. You should not miss out on this intriguing game if you enjoy anime. Learn how to play this game and what makes it unique!


Category: Informal

Graphics: 2D

Modes: Single-player and Offline

Age: 7 and up

Publisher: Lumine Inc. 

Operating Systems: Android 4.0 and higher, iOS 8.0 and higher, and Windows 7 and higher

Cost: Nothing


The first step in entering the world of Gacha Studio is to create a character for yourself. You can choose from various colors and shapes and change the appearance of the character at any time. Because the Gacha Studio’s modes are distinctive, the sequence you play in will not be affected. 

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So don’t get too worked up over this. Feel free to build a persona that reflects your personality.


Different Game Modes

The technology will provide a prominent guide to new players from the start of the game. They come with adorable character images. Dress-up, Studio (recording room), Life (life), Gacha (Gacha Store), and Mini-games are among the game modes mentioned in the tutorial (many other games). 

Dress-up mode allows you to create an anime character that reflects your personality and incorporates many of your favorite trends. Players can alter anything from their clothing and shoes to their eyes, nose, complexion, etc. You will have the option of selecting from over 100 hairstyles and accessories in various hues. These characteristics make it easy to select and use. 

Finally, choose from over 100 wallpapers with various themes and colors, including passive backgrounds (static, static) with themes such as winter, beach, ancient ruins, and motion (move) black, purple, yellow, blue, and green.

Players will accompany their characters in Life mode, meeting new NPCs. Talk (talk), Ask (ask), Gif (offer gifts), and Quiz are the four features available to NPCs (answer questions). Because everyone starts at level 1, you can only chat to them when you encounter them for the first time. 

It will cost two stamina to use the Talk feature, asking (three stamina), and offering gifts will require 5 stamina. 

Receive Surprising Offers

The Gacha Store offers more fitness and presents for players to gather. There will be two costs to pick from: one-time Gacha will cost five diamonds, or 10 times Gacha will cost 50 diamonds. Opening Gacha simultaneously will boost the receiving rate of 6-star presents, so please think about it carefully. Each gift opened by the player will be added to the collection. 

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Players can earn a lot of diamonds by playing the following 8 mini-games:

Ichi’s Math – The player will work with Ichi on math problems. Ichi poses the query and it would be beneficial if you answered it accurately within the time limit. 

Bex’s Festival – You’ll accompany Bex as she moves back and forth, catching fried chicken balls that fall from the sky.

Linu’s character gets transformed into a duck. To avoid the ducks, transform into the character Linu and go left and right. 

Phantom’s Remix – When the music beats, players must touch the notes.

Touch and hold the soaring unicorn, collect stars, and avoid the crescent moons in Narwhal Sky.

Move the whale left and right to juggle the high-flying balloons and keep them from falling into the sea.

Sound and Graphics

The 2D graphics are no less appealing and lovely. Players can enjoy character designs and movements are also restricted. The most striking aspect are the wallpapers that consistently provide users with hours of entertainment, vibrant colors, and various themes. The game also contains enjoyable background music with a hint of cuteness that keeps the player feeling rejuvenated. 

Last Thoughts

Gacha Studio Mod Apk is a game with gorgeous chibi character illustrations and simple 2D graphics. The modified version allows gamers to create an anime character that reflects their individuality. If you enjoy anime, the Gacha Studio will transport you to a fun-filled anime world. Download the game and enjoy.

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