Helix Jump Mod Apk 4.3.0 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Are you getting bored with the uninspiring games on your mobile devices and looking for a quick and informal mobile gaming experience to pass the time? Then you’ll undoubtedly enjoy and learn a lot from VOODOO’s fantastic mobile game, Helix Jump. As you embark on your ultimate journey into the bizarre and dynamic world, explore and enjoy the fun gameplay. Take on the easy but incredible engaging gameplay anytime.

You can learn more about this fantastic mobile game by VOODOO with our evaluations.


You will enjoy the casual gaming experiences by jumping up and down on the screen like a squishy and bouncy ball to get past the obstacles in your way. Make your way down beneath the long cylinder, surrounded by obstacles. Using the intuitive touch controls, you’ll be able to swing the cylinder, adjust the obstacles and create places for your ball to bounce through. As you play this basic yet incredibly addictive game, you will encounter a variety of interesting stages. As you play Helix Jump to its maximum potential, compete with friends and other gamers for the highest score.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s interesting features.

Simple Gameplay 

During the game, you can easily use the touch controls to move the cylinders and obstacles on the screen in various directions. As you move down the cylinder, your goal is to let your bouncy ball jump down to the bottom level. If you touch any of the red regions, the game will end. Direct the cylinder with care so you can progress to the next level. The game is incredibly fascinating and dynamic when played with the intuitive one-finger control.

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Challenging Stages With Increasing Difficulty

The game also includes a range of unique levels with fun and exciting gameplay that you can play whenever you like. The early stages are quite intuitive and pleasant, despite the increasing difficulty. The levels will become increasingly harder as you go through the game, keeping it interesting. As a result, even after playing it for a long period, you will not become bored.

Move Through the Stages

If you’re frustrated by the number of obstacles and the red “thingy” that keeps getting in your way, it’s a good idea to smash through them if you want to. As a result, you can practice your spectacular performance by leading the ball across more than three levels without touching the platform. 

Several In-Game Customization Options

Enjoy Helix Jump’s entertaining and fascinating gameplay while exploring the stunning in-game levels. You’ll never get bored playing this game because the levels are randomly created and features new obstacles and color schemes. Plus, as you go through the game, you’ll have access to various in-game customizations, alls, allowing you to alter their appearance and the visual effects they produce when they bounce.

Offline Mode

In addition, gamers in Helix Jump will discover the wonderful and exciting gameplay with or without an Internet connection, making the game much more enjoyable. As a result, if you’re outside and don’t want to spend any of your mobile data, this game would be ideal.

Play for Free

Despite having these fantastic features, the game is now available for free on Android smartphones. Finding the game in the Google Play Store and downloading it for free on your devices is very simple.

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Mod Version

If the commercials and in-game purchases upset you, you can download the customized version of the game, which is fully unlocked and offers exciting features. Without losing the game, you can now smash your way through the red “thingy”. It will also improve the game’s enjoyment and rewards. Download Helix Jump Mod Apk and install it.

Sound and Video Quality


In Helix Jump, players will be exploring the game’s clean and intuitive visual experiences. Dive into the amazing levels that feature magnificent geometric arrangements and strange-looking and squishy “objects”. Enjoy the great gameplay with fluid animations and awesome images while appreciating the clean and inviting graphics. The game is playable, even on low-end Android smartphones.


The game also includes cool and calming music effects to immerse yourself in the fascinating gameplay. Additionally, you won’t be distracted by the in-game audio if you want to listen to music while playing the game.

Last Thoughts

Fans of the popular Smash Hit, Color Bump 3D, and a few more intriguing games will now have yet another terrific mobile game to play. That said, it’s relatively pleasant for those of you seeking a short and casual game on your mobile device. So, download it now and enjoy.

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