Hopeless 2 Mod Apk 1.1.39 (Unlimited Coins) For Android Users

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DeveloperUpopa Games
Requires4.0.3 & Up
Size39 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Gems
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Are you sick and bored of playing modern action games that entails fighting and weapons? Not to worry, as you will have a lot of fun with Hopeless 2: Cave Escape. There aren’t any more explosions or gunfights. You’ll arrive in a dark cave filled with monsters. 


Lovely Blobs

Hopeless 2 was released and developed by Upopa Games. This game is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. The charming blobs continue to be our main characters in Hopeless 2, as they have been throughout the series. Despite their simple design, the blobs have created an impression on the gamers with their terrified expressions. The monsters come in a variety of colors and sizes. Furthermore, the game’s background features a long rail that challenges the players.

Blobs and Weapons

Hopeless 2 is the second installment in the series. The blobs stand in a place and shoot at the creatures in the first part. In the second part, the players will assist the blobs in defeating the creatures and locating the exit. You’ll encounter several blobs along the journey, and you’ll need to assist them in escaping the cave. The creatures and blobs will slowly emerge from the darkness. So be cautious. It’s possible to shoot the blobs by accident. The number of blobs that have exited the cave can also influence how many coins and stars you obtain.

Furthermore, numerous wooden boxes will obstruct the route. The coins will be strewn across each level for the player to acquire. They can be used to purchase or improve weapons. The journey will become tougher as your level rises. Some boxes may appear on the cave’s roof. To receive cash, a jewel, bullet time, or save the various blobs shoot those boxes. 

New Stages and Modern Weapons

The blobs have a variety of modern weapons, including pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, and RPGs to combat the monsters. Each gun differs in terms of damage, rate of fire, and accuracy. The better the quality of the gun, the higher the price. You will select your weapon before beginning the level. However, you are only allowed to select one weapon type. Furthermore, the game presented the player with three additional goods. Bullet time, shield, and explosives. The monsters who come into contact with the shield will be burned. The things can be purchased with coins, but they can also be collected at each level. 

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Your primary goal is to assist the blobs in escaping the gloomy cave. However, you must also defeat a certain number of monsters, gather a sufficient quantity of cash, or earn a sufficient number of stars. The jewels will be brought to you by the missions, and the gems can be used to purchase weapons or lives. 

The space in the cake will appear as ice blocks in the levels. The road is snow-covered and it will give you a peculiar, colder, and darker sensation. The cave will have spider webs and barriers on various levels and they can easily block your path. Let’s get rid of them quickly before the monsters get to your blobs.

Enjoy Full-Range Shooting

The player will have to fight monsters in the dark with unusual gameplay. Many people from across the world have downloaded Hopeless 2 Mod Apk. A wide variety of weaponry and gifts will pique your attention. The new ice levels offer the gamer a variety of fresh sensations. Furthermore, the game’s background is a very dark cave with strange sounds, heightening the game’s factor. Furthermore, because Hopeless 2 does not require an Internet connection, you can play and relax with it anywhere.

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