Lego Cube: Create Your Dream World With Lego for Android Users

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DeveloperTencent Games
Requires4.4  & Up
Size781.7 MB
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Updated02 Days Ago
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As we look at the future of LEGO games, enjoy the latest LEGO experiences on your mobile device. Explore the vast globe where you are free to do whatever you like, including hunting for resources, crafting equipment, engaging in epic combats, etc.

Enjoy this enormous multiplayer game where you can indulge in your LEGO obsession. Build and craft whatever you want with your LEGO Cube and other materials you’ve gathered. From a bike to a hammer to a crafting table, you can construct practically anything to improve your life.

With our reviews, you may learn more about this fantastic Tencent game.


The game takes place in a massive digital environment where players’ characters can walk around hunting for resources, crafting stuff, fighting monsters, meeting new people, joining parties, etc. This should undoubtedly be your next mobile game if you enjoy Minecraft Mobile. Enjoy the detailed gameplay with numerous unlocked features. Allow your heroes to go to other areas in search of fresh adventures. Participate in a variety of fascinating missions and you’ll never be bored.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s interesting features.

Simple Gameplay

With easy and efficient touch controls, you’ll quickly become accustomed to the game. Furthermore, the UI is far more intuitive if you’ve played previous Tencent games. Most importantly, you’ll get access to an in-depth gameplay experience with several elements to uncover.

Feel Free to Make Your Characters

The character customization screen will be introduced by players. You can choose from a variety of attributes while creating your character. Begin with genders, body kinds, facial expressions, eyes, noses, mouths, tattoos, and automobiles. Additionally, before pressing the enter key, you can dress your characters. Given that you can acquire these garments for free, take your time selecting the most appropriate ones. Make sure your characters are all set up and ready to go.

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Dress Them Up in Cool Outfits and Equipment

You can purchase new costumes that correspond to new themes and also change your character’s appearance by adding new items.

Explore the Vast Realm of Infinite Possibilities

LEGO Cube transports players to a new universe filled with huge regions and limitless possibilities. You’ll find yourself in various settings, including snow mountains, plain fields, and the ocean. There will be hundreds of varied things to explore in each location, making the game extremely diverse. 

Utilize the Crafting Options

You can start building accessories with the resources you’ve gathered, starting with your hideout. Create amazing bases in various types, such as a hidden cave, castle, or house. You can also use the crafting features to construct various things with different functions. Make your weapons to fight the monsters and demons who will attack you on sight. Make tools like a hammer, an axe, and other such items to aid you in your daily activities.

Battle Massive Monsters

When you begin your journey in LEGO Cube, you will encounter dozens of different monsters and other beings. It is advised that you use the appropriate weaponry for the job. As long as you’re imaginative, you can complete the hunting chores in various ways.

Take Part in Exciting Experiences

LEGO Cube also includes fascinating online gaming that you can participate in and enjoy with millions of other online gamers, making it more entertaining. Complete epic quests together, work toward a common objective, defeat epic monsters, construct epic structures, etc. You can meet intriguing gamers from around the world, make good friends and get their assistance in the game.

Thrilling Gameplay

Furthermore, because of the rewarding gameplay in LEGO Cube, players will be in for a lot of surprises. You can earn fantastic prizes without making any in-app purchases by performing various in-game objectives. Completing in-game challenges and milestones will also net you some tasty goodies. 

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Play for Free

The game is free to play. Download it on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store. 

Sound and Video Quality


The game has stunning and well-polished graphics that give it the appearance of a console version. 

It offers well-designed characters who perform appropriately with the in-game mechanics. Furthermore, the vast LEGO maps will be fun to uncover.


LEGO Cube’s immersive sound effects will make players feel as if they’re right in the middle of the action. Find yourself thoroughly engrossed in the game’s thrilling environments. Spend hours upon hours exploring its incredible features.

Download Lego Cube 0.6.21 Mod Apk

Fans of the LEGO franchise will undoubtedly enjoy this new game, which includes the main features that players want. Beautiful graphics, in-depth gameplay, simple and intuitive controls, etc. What more could you ask for?

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