POV Car Driving Mod Apk 4.9 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperRuslan Chetverikov – Driving & Police Games
Requires4.4 & Up
Size139 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Are you are a fan of automobile racing and seeking a game that will fulfill your desires, then POV Car Driving is a terrific option. The game belongs to the Auto & Vehicles genre in which you will be driving a car on a vast race track and compete with other automobiles on the road. 


Excellent Graphics and Acoustic Effects

Ruslan Chetverikov – Driving & Police Games has designed and offers a variety of games, including POV Car Driving. The game can be installed only on Android-based mobile devices. It is a single-player game that is free to download. Furthermore, 3D graphics are quite appealing. You can travel to a variety of destinations, from densely forested mountains to a region with cliffs, freeways, tunnels, and a flooded road.

New and magnificent scenery will gradually appear in front of you. You can swipe your smartphone’s screen to see from various sides, which is extremely useful. When your car is running, the player can hear the engine’s sound. Furthermore, the publisher has made every effort to make everything as authentic as possible. You will only hear trim and turbo sounds when driving new automobiles. However, if you go faster beyond “normal limits,” you will hear wind sounds. This cuts down on automobile isolations and makes your ride more pleasant. The game also offers soundtracks. If you don’t want to hear the sounds, you can turn them off in the settings.

Begin a Never-Ending Trip

The player’s main goal is to control the car on the long circuit. Unlike other racing games, the player is required to drive on straight highways. However, the publisher has developed various curvy roads in POV Car Driving for you to drive on. This will provide you with a fantastic driving experience and you will have the sensation of being on the freeway.

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Furthermore, there are several vehicles on the road and you must stay away from them. Otherwise, you’ll have to start driving from the nearest checkpoint. Be cautious as this will take less time. Aside from that, you must avoid speed radars when driving. Speed cameras are created to ensure the safety of drivers. In addition, diamonds occasionally appear on the route and you ought to gather them. 

Actual Characteristics of POV Car Driving

Each game will have its unique characteristics. POV Car Driving also includes three unique elements that will appeal to a wide range of players. The High Detailed Cockpit is the first feature. When you first start driving your car, you will discover that all the car’s features have been installed. You will feel the driving atmosphere in the car while you race against the clock. Furthermore, you can slide the screen to the left or right while driving to view the countryside on both sides. The second feature is the Radio Channel. You can listen to a radio station while driving. But how do you feel if you could do it in the game? You can listen to genuine Internet radio in POV Car Driving. At the same time, you may use your car’s radio to control it. When driving, tune in to your favorite radio station. This will make you feel more relaxed. Especially in the game, you will watch the weather because it will vary as you travel down a specific road. 

Furthermore, the publisher has created up to 13 vehicles in POV Car Driving. For e.g. French CMG W330, King Kobra, Nikola SUV CLICK 1.6 DTI. Each car will have two indicators that you must pay attention to (Acceleration and Top Speed). The game also allows users to modify the color of the car, allowing you to enjoy the aesthetics.

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Have Complete Control of the Vehicle

Using a simple gaming mechanic, the user will drive the car on a long, infinite road. POV Car Driving will appeal to a wide range of gamers of all ages, from youngsters to adults. Aside from that, the curvy roads, boundless freeways, and unrestricted trial events will test your abilities. You must get through them without colliding with any automobiles. Control the car in three distinctive ways in particular. The first method involves tilting your smartphone to the left or right to drive the car. The second method involves turning right or left using buttons. You can also operate your vehicle with a steering wheel. Furthermore, genuine cabin sounds and pictures transport you to a real driving environment. In addition, you can compete in any race in POV Car Driving without worrying about a network connection because there is no need to connect to the Internet to play the game. 

Download POV Car Driving 

So, why the wait? Download POV Car Driving Mod Apk and enjoy its unlimited features.

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