Shadow Battle Mod Apk 2.2.56 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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Requires4.2 & Up
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Prepare for the ultimate battling experience in Shadow Battle, where you’ll join the Universe guardians and lead them to battle the dark forces. Challenge your enemy with your shadow warriors and learn how to vanquish your formidable foes. Engage in thrilling in-game battles to provide Android gamers with spectacular and addictive battling combats.

Unlock strong galactic heroes and assemble your ultimate team to take on the nasty and terrifying foes. Discover their special abilities and capabilities, introducing great fighting styles for players to enjoy. Unleash extraordinary techniques and unleash stunning hero assaults to help you through your travels.

With our in-depth reviews, learn more about this intriguing game from Onesoft.


The Darkness Force has contaminated the Universe and cast a huge shadow over everything. But there is still hope for the peaceful residents of the galaxies, as you, the commander, have embarked on your ultimate journeys to battle the universe’s most powerful heroes and warriors.

Together, you can fight the dark forces in epic shadow battles to halt their march and drive them back to where they belong. Allow your characters to gain experience and power up after spectacular in-game battles. Unlock their unique abilities and powers, which will be extremely valuable to you and your team. Build a powerful team and expose them to various exciting in-game battles.

Explore the enormous and fascinating in-game maps as you journey through the infinite cosmos. Fight against nefarious and powerful enemy bosses with amazing abilities and talents. Compete against them in thrilling real-time fights and enjoy fascinating combat gameplay. These will allow you to get the most out of the game.

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All of the game’s fascinating features are listed below.

Engaging Combats

Android gamers will enjoy Shadow Battle’s engaging in-game combats and easy-to-use touch controls. Feel free to participate in a classic versus combat and freely control your characters using the available controls. Move about to avoid enemy assaults, gain advantages, unlock fun in-game combinations, and perform stunning moves.

Various Hero Classes

Shadow Battle’s distinct hero classes can now be used to explore different fighting methods in your action gaming freely. Feel free to enjoy the fantastic fighting gameplay with six different hero classes, each with distinct characteristics and components. Experience their astounding talents and capabilities, which can be exploited to create exciting in-game battles.

Manage and Recruit Your Fantastic Heroes

In addition, players in Shadow Battle can become the Commander and recruit their fantastic heroes to expand their in-game hero roster. Create your ultimate team of heroes, each with special abilities and powers. Allow gamers to have more fun with their action gaming by enabling intriguing and powerful synergies between the heroes. Gather the game’s most powerful heroes and assemble your ultimate team to take on the Shadow foes.

Follow Exciting Storylines and Stages

Android gamers will be able to freely explore their epic treks amid the stars during their in-game adventures. Enjoy your epic battles over numerous landscapes while exploring the lovely worlds. Unlock and enjoy the amazing in-game stories that will allow you to embark on your epic journeys for free.

Interesting Battles

Shadow Battle has exciting matches, which will provide fantastic challenges with new gameplay and opponents to fight against. Take on the epic challenges with your ultimate squad, gain well-deserved rewards, and take advantage of the various in-game upgrades. Unlock the game’s top commanders and advance with your fully-powered units.

Collect Cubes to Gain Access to Mysterious Gifts

Android gamers can also gather spectacular Cubes as they embark on their ultimate in-game adventures, which will unlock exceptional rewards, amazing riches, and intriguing treasures for them to use. Collect rare heroes, fascinating diamonds, lucrative resources, and various other rewards. These will allow you to get the most out of Shadow Battle.

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Play for Free

The game is presently available for free on the Google Play Store, allowing Android gamers to enjoy many unique features without spending anything. Feel free to enjoy the amazing mobile action games whenever you want.

Mod Version

Shadow Battle’s unlocked action gameplay is now available for you to enjoy. Enjoy unlimited in-game money and diamonds, plenty to purchase anything you desire. Simultaneously, the ad-free gameplay ensures that you will not be harassed by unwanted commercials while playing. Download the Shadow Battle Mod APK from our website and follow the instructions.

Sound and Video Quality


Android gamers will be able to properly experience the fantastic 3D combats in Shadow Battle, thanks to unique in-game graphics. Exploring beautiful settings, fighting fights with badass heroes, and unleashing awesome talents with interesting visual effects are all exciting things to do. Enjoy the ultimate fighting game with incredible in-game animations and realistic physics that will keep you engrossed. 

Music and Sound

Shadow Battle lets Android gamers enjoy their addictive fighting experience with powerful sound effects, exciting soundtracks and images, and new graphical components. This will keep you glued to your phone.

Last Thoughts

Prepare for your ultimate versus action experience in Shadow Battle as you join the Universe guardians on their epic adventures. Challenge your friends to epic battles and unlock epic in-game actions. Take part in various intriguing adventures that include compelling narrative and thrilling battle encounters. Most importantly, you’ll have even more reasons to start playing it.

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