Call of Mini: Zombies 4.4.2 (Mod One Hit Kill) For Android Users

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Requires4.1 & Up
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The zombie apocalypse has always piqued gamers’ curiosity, especially if they’re into spectacular shooting challenges. Aside from the addictive gameplay, it offers new cartoonish aesthetics, including “friendlier” zombies that resemble regular dolls. Don’t be misled by their innocent appearance; they want your flesh and intellect.

Pick your preferred weapons from your armory and dive into the unique first-person shooter adventure. Take on the terrible zombies with strange powers and abilities as they charge at you. Explore the diverse gameplay through several game modes.

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Players will play as the only survivors after a horrific viral epidemic spread throughout the world. As the sole survivor, you will be pursued by zombies from every direction. Eliminate them all and enjoy your victory. In Call of Mini Zombies, you can join millions of other online gamers in taking on the ultimate online zombie shooting challenges. You can even challenge each other in addictive PvP challenges.


Here you’ll discover a list of all the game’s interesting features.

Simple Gameplay

The game introduces you to easy and intuitive controls, which allow you to learn the shooting principles rapidly. With the virtual buttons and swift movements, you’re free to move and execute beautiful shots. Furthermore, the gameplay is highly addictive and exciting, thanks to the vibrant colors and intriguing zombies.

Various Weapons With Special Abilities

With a wide variety of weaponry to select from, including fast and light assault rifles, powerful and accurate automatic rifles, powerful shotguns, and devastating bazookas, gamers will have a lot of fun taking down the nasty zombies. You can equip yourself with different types of armor, each with its distinctive effect. Most importantly, all weapons and armor can be upgraded to improve their potency and abilities. You can make your guns fire quicker with more power and accuracy. 

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Collect Unique Heroes With Incredible Abilities

You can choose from a variety of characters to join your zombie-slaying adventures, in addition to formidable weapons and armors. You can begin with Joe Blo, a normal character with no special abilities, then progress to the Worker, a stout fellow with amazing strength that allows him to carry various weapons with ease; the Nerd, who has impressive capabilities, the Doctor, who has a unique “healing factor” that increases his HP over time, and finally, our B.E.A.F, a superhuman soldier with buffed abilities in all aspects.

Take on the Undead

You’ll be introduced to the huge zombie shooter challenge as soon as you begin the game, with your main goal being to survive the zombie invasions. Begin on day 1 with a minor attack and work your way through increasingly difficult stages. Work hard to earn gold so you can combat the zombies. 

Engage Them in Epic Pvp Fights

If you want to compete against other online gamers, the intense PvP bouts should be fun. In our fantastic shootouts, where only the finest can compete, you can meet other gamers worldwide. Compete against them in ranked bouts and climb the leaderboard section to become the best zombie killer in the world.

Co-op Challenges

You can team up with friends and other players to combat in exciting co-op skirmishes. Play as a team to combat the zombies more effectively. In Call of Mini Zombies, take down legendary bosses and gain awesome prizes for each participant.

Play for Free

Call of Mini Zombies is still available for all Android gamers despite the game’s numerous thrilling features. As a result, you can effortlessly install it on your mobile devices without spending any money.

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Mod Version 

Download and install our Call of Mini Zombie Mod Apk on your smartphone or tablet. This allows you to activate God Mode when fighting zombies, making your hero invincible during battles. Make use of it and unleash strong assaults to dispatch your foes easily.

Sound and Video Quality


The game has simple 3D visuals with minimal lag or stuttering. Call of Mini Zombies’ distinctive personalities makes the shooter challenges even more engaging. As a result, you might find yourself fighting zombies alongside a carpenter, a nerd, a teacher, or even a cowboy, which is cool.


Thanks to powerful soundtracks and accurate sound effects, the game offers exciting shooter action with deep effects and sensations.

Download Call of Mini: Zombies Mod Apk

Fans of Call of Mini Infinity and Zombie Diary 2: Evolution will enjoy Call of Mini Zombies. In fact, because of the seamless and engaging gameplay, you’ll be able to experience the epic shooting challenges on your Android smartphones fully. Finally, if you’re looking for some handy cheats, our modified version of the game will be more than enough.

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