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GenresShooting games
Requires4.3 & Up
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Are you sick of PUBG Mobile and other classic Battle Royale games and looking for a fun game to play on your smartphone or tablet? Last Island of Survival is the perfect option for you then. Find yourself on a large map with interactive gaming options. Explore the fascinating global map, which is packed with unique features. Also, engage in an in-depth Battle Royale experience than you’ve ever had in any other game.

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The game takes place in a desolate post-apocalyptic world where zombie outbreaks have nearly wiped civilization. Being one of the few survivors, your ultimate objective is to survive the vicious zombies and their attacks to be the last one standing. Travel to different areas all around the world and obtain various resources. 

To defend oneself from enemy attacks, construct bases and destroy enemy facilities to gain important resources. Use the crafting features to make various tools to keep you equipped for survival. Each encounter would span weeks, not just minutes, and you’d have to compete against several players in your ultimate survival challenge.


You’ll discover everything you need to know about this incredible game.

Multiple Features and In-Depth Survival Gameplay

Gamers will have a lot of fun with its in-game activities and features, thanks to the longer duration time and the vast environment to uncover. That said, you might be able to find a suitable location to begin constructing your massive bunker to protect yourself from zombies and foes. You can either play or with friends, assisting each other in building structures, defending your base, gathering resources, creating, etc.

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Feel free to develop your base or a rural town on the desolate map. Take down other players’ shelters will allow you to gather resources for your own. Alternatively, you can engage in limitless PVE gameplay. Take down animals for food and gather materials across the map to build a strong base.

The game entails a larger globe map and variety of sandbox gaming options. It becomes intense and tough, only in the latter days of your survival quest, with people killing each other and destroying bases to have a better chance of living.

Have a Large Map to Investigate

You’ll have a complete map to explore in Last Island of Survival. Don’t expect it to feel like another Sanhok or Erangel; instead, it will seem like a typical Far Cry 5 open-world area with unlimited options to explore.

Travel to several locales in search of unique resources to aid in the construction of your bases and tools. Collect ores for weapon crafting by battling the abandoned mine and the dangers that lurk within. Go hunting for needed goods and supplies in the frigid forest. And, stay vigilant at all times because danger might strike from any direction. Thanks to interactive and responsive elements, you’ll become lost in this magnificent world of Last Island of Survival.

Take a Look at the Incredible Build and Craft Features

You can construct whatever you want in the game. You can even construct a whole hamlet or a massive shelter with the feature. Furthermore, the fantastic crafting capabilities will allow you to make a variety of essential equipment to aid you on your quest. Most importantly, you can craft weapons and armors to combat hazardous zombies, ravenous wild carnivores, and hidden foes. 

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Start building and crating with your tools. There is something for everyone, from simple knives and swords to machine guns and rockets. Let your creativity run wild and enjoy the new accessories developed. 

Addictive Combats

The game contains intense and fascinating combats that will allow you to compete against online gamers worldwide. The enormous PvP combats, in addition to the PVE gameplay, will undoubtedly delight you. Obtain a set of powerful weapons and gears to combat other players.

You can even go so far as to build your own technologies. You’ll have explosive bullets to deal with different adversaries, armor-piercing bullets to deal with enemies, and auto-aim bullets to hit enemies. The weapons can be deployed with tact to give you the best possible advantage over your opponents. 

Learn how to start a “true” survival challenge

You will begin the game with nothing more than a rock and a torch in your inventory. Collect materials from forests and stones to learn how to construct simple tools. Gather raw materials to help you survive and expand your facilities. Also, collect advanced goods placed throughout the map. Discover new technology and begin to progress toward a more advanced society. 

Play for Free

The game is presently available for all Android users. You can easily download and install it on your devices without spending any money. 

Sound and Video Quality


The game has breathtaking 3D graphics that transport players to a new level of gaming experience. Participate in epic battles while experiencing interactive and realistic settings. Everything will be genuine, thanks to the stunning and lifelike visual effects.

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You’ll feel as if you’re living in the post-apocalyptic environment, thanks to dramatic and immersive audio experiences. Turn on your headphones and spend hours exploring the excellent gameplay.

Install the Last Island of Survival Apk With the Obb Data File

Install the modified version on your device but do not open it. 

/SDCARD/Android/obb/com.herogame.gplay.lastdayrulessurvival is where the OBB file should be extracted. Ensure the file is located in the com.herogame.gplay.lastdayrulessurvival folder.

Restart the game if necessary. Enjoy!

Download Last Island of Survival 4.1 Mod Apk 

Last Island of Survival is a game that is well worth your time. It offers in-depth gameplay and a wealth of discoverable information, allowing you to socialize with your online friends. If this game is not fulfilling your demands, then play Super Mecha Champions, a terrific Battle Royale game with unique gameplay.

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