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Taichi Panda is a hugely popular online role-playing game for people of all ages. It was developed during the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Taichi Panda is an action role-playing game featuring thrilling quests and challenges. The game is based on the popular animated film Kung Fu Panda, which many people adored. Join Taichi Panda, and embark on a quest to defeat dark powers seeking treasure and monopolization of the world.

The game takes place mostly in caverns and dungeons, where players can form groups and fight together. You can transform your character into an unstoppable warrior and martial arts master. Taichi Panda features 3D graphics, color effects, and a wide range of abilities. The game UI is very well-designed. It overlays the keys and buttons on the screen using the same principles as traditional 4-button electronic games.

General Information

It’s obvious that Chinese martial arts heavily influence this game. The three-character lines available are:

  • A combatant named Taichi Panda.
  • A brave knight named Lulandore.
  • A swift and light treasure hunter named Lauren Catcher.

The heroes embark on a quest to defend the world from a demon and his army of goblins and monsters. Taichi Panda is a great game which offers fast-paced, straightforward, intuitive controls. Players can gather and upgrade pets in addition to exploring various locales and fighting foes. Taichi Panda features 3D graphics, dynamic effects, and a wide range of abilities. The keys provide a sense of comfort, play, and intimacy. In the PvP arena, you can bond with friends or other players in real-time multiplayer mode to become the Taichi champion. Take part in dungeon exploration with your friends and compete against the terrifying bosses.

Background Information

Snail Games’ Taichi Panda is an online action game for smartphones. The appearance of the Master Panda and the fox magician adds to the plot’s intensity. When playing the game, players will select the character class that best suits them, each having their own set of skills. The game’s core features, such as equipment upgrading, mosaic encrusted, and sub-combat objectives, are available in the first five levels. The game map is also well-designed, allowing players to locate monsters and travel about quickly.

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Players will gradually learn about the main elements through each stage. Ratings, certainty, PvP, and the area will all be available to players. The game has excellent visual and audio quality, with lively action sequences. Players can link up combos to give monsters sustainable damage. Aside from extended combinations, there are a variety of effects in the game, including slow, stun, and repel.


Character Management

When playing Taichi Panda, players can choose four-character lines: the first is a skillful panda (Taichi Panda), followed by a cover of water fox (Fox Mage). Each character can bring along pets to help them fight. The game’s battle system and talents are also varied, allowing players to improve their skill level and their pets’ powers. Taichi Panda divides the joystick cluster into two sides, as do most other role-playing games: the left side is the navigation cluster, while the right side is the character skill keys.

Enemy’s Strength

Each boss will have strengths and weaknesses that players must exploit to fight them more efficiently and quickly. Each villain will have an additional yellow column outside the red blood column that displays alertness and fitness. The yellow bar will reduce when the player attacks and performs a strong combination; if the bar reaches 0, the boss is dazed for a few seconds, allowing players to take a hit.

System for Pets

The pet system, which players will unlock at level 5, is another unique feature of Taichi Panda. Compared to GMO genres, this system is not rare and includes over 30 pets. Each pet is appropriate for a specific type of play. Buffalo blood Borik, for example, has a powerful damaging skill that allows transformations to enhance damage and healing speed. 

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Taichi Panda’s version is divided into two categories, similar to other RPG games. Each Boss version, on the other hand, will have its unique fighting system. Aside from the aggressive ability, players need to learn to discern the direction and talents of the Boss to prevent damage and devastation.

If you’ve had your fill of sub-plowing, the arena, dueling, and the battlefield will keep you entertained. The ability to manipulate and apply the Attack, Defense, and Destroy mechanisms will determine victory. Gamers can also attempt to kill the global boss, join the pickpocket, collect gold, or survive for 30 seconds. Other noteworthy features include the audio chat feature in the private conversation window. This feature allows players to easily interact and prepare for three-on-three combat or large-scale state battles.


Taichi Panda has a varied equipment system. The correct items and weapons in the game are divided into three categories: useful items, weapon items, and Champion items. In addition, the game includes goods and weapon upgrades that are common in other role-playing games.

As previously stated, you can use soul stone to produce or improve pets. On quests or by unlocking treasure boxes, you can find soul stone and useful things. The epic kind requires the usage of Diamond currency, which can be acquired by performing tasks. Players can also join the dungeon mode by forming a party with two other players. Most users can unlock various multiplayer features such as earning titles, joining guilds, and fighting other players for thrilling in-game prizes.

Designing User Interface

Taichi Panda is created in a 3D environment and is extremely well-funded in terms of graphics. 

The character’s movements are smooth and graceful, with no lag or stuttering. The icons dispersed over the screen appear to be highly confused, and they are accompanied by sentences that flow across the screen, causing considerable discomfort. Fortunately, it has been reduced to allow players to experience the complete match with ease.

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Sound Effects and Graphics

The vivid graphics are attractive for most users. Also, Taichi Panda’s appearance and movement is incredibly lifelike and fluid. When the player has to see the monster’s path amid a forest of multicolored sharpness, it’s a big deal in ARPG (action role-playing) games. The game offers a modest capacity of 244MB, with stunning visuals. 

Intriguing Gameplay

Players can choose from four different character classes in Taichi Panda: Taichi Panda, Warrior, Fox Violent, and Treasure Hunter. Each type has its forts and a unique set of moves. Players will access additional features such as Taichi, guild, market, and jade as they continue through the game.

Each player or boss has a specific defensive point, and once it breaks, you will be knocked out and subjected to a succession of strikes in rapid cheval. This system provides a gaming breakthrough and tests the player’s control abilities and tactical calculations. It occurs in PvE and PvP games when the opponent possesses a higher War Force.


Taichi Panda has a disadvantage of encapsulating all activity in small number of places. The characters are mostly categorized as quests, such as improving equipment, fighting strength, and purchasing fitness. Taichi Panda’s cash shop function is reminiscent of Age of Wushu’s VIP feature. When players purchase the monthly VIP level, they will receive wings that significantly improve their combat power and a large amount of Diamonds (in-game currency).

Final Thoughts

Taichi Panda is an appealing role-playing game published by Snail Games USA. A panda fighting Tai-Chi is the protagonist who likes to fight off enemies in its own unique style. Most 

Taichi Panda Mod Apk is a wonderful game with lots of entertainment, graphics, and features. It offers easy-to-learn gameplay mixed with a diverse game arsenal that keeps gamers occupied. 

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