Dead Cells Mod Apk 2.7.8 (Free Shopping) For Android Users

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Dead Cells Mod Apk (Unlimited Cells, DLC Unlocked) is an action game with a wonderful blend of old and modern elements. This fantastic game is a must-have for fans of the classic Metroidvania genre. Experts have lauded Motion Twin’s platformer game, now accessible on the App Store.

Thanks to a blend of slick action moments with dramatic obstacles and hack slash gameplay, Dead Cells excels in aesthetics and gameplay. In the game, a parasite in the form of mucus enters a dead warrior’s body and makes him come alive in a matter of minutes. You are in control of the warrior, who is provided with different missions to complete.


During the game, you are given a starting weapon. Explore dungeons, upgrading weapons, unlocking new weapons, fighting foes, etc. Players get access to fascinating stories, weapons, and energy in each state. Dead Cells’ map is broken into various sections, and each area is subdivided into branches. Unlike most adventure games, you are free to explore any area without following the available pattern. If you wish to continue the journey, you’ll need to upgrade your weapons and talents. 


The left-hand joystick works as a move motion controller, while the right-hand buttons let you do things like escaping arrows, rolling over a small wall, jumping (and double jump), tossing grenades, triggering traps, and utilizing weapons. These buttons are small yet well-organized, making it impossible to press the wrong one by accident. Furthermore, the game includes a brand-new auto-attack option that allows your character to engage in melee combat whenever an adversary enters a set range. 

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Investigate the Dungeon

You’ll encounter a plethora of loot, dozens of adversaries, and traps while navigating the meandering and deadly mazes. There are three types of weaponry you can find (classified by color) in the game. You can experiment with new weapons to learn new abilities and combinations, ranging from freezing grenades to 3-way arrows, throwing swords to blocking shields. Dead Cells is always looking for new ways to keep you awake. Because each level is generated automatically, it offers a unique experience. To avoid feeling subjective, the layout of enemies will also vary. The bosses will appear amid the regular creatures, moving quicker and delivering harder strikes, forcing you to defend.


Gather enough money to buy high-end equipment and overcome the initial levels if you have the equipment. You can also obtain a form of paranormal power that works indefinitely if you defeat monsters. Some make green liquid vines, travel between coffins, and jump through walls to reach new heights.

Mod Characteristics

Features menu (may be turned on/off):

Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, and Fatal Falls DLC is now available.

Unlimited Cells

Free Shopping

For the MOD function to work, you must first enable it before clicking Play.

Please go to Settings -> Applications -> Dead Cells -> Allow display on top if you don’t see the MOD Menu.

Download Dead Cells Mod Apk

This game appeals to all types of gamers. You may be required to fulfill the objective within a certain amount of time, which will provide you with other goals to pursue once you have gained enough strength to play well in the early rounds. Sometimes, the goal is to kill several adversaries while avoiding injury. Enjoy Motion Twin’s platformer-action game masterpiece while the dead cells continually develop into formidable warriors. Download the modified version of the game and enjoy for hours on end.

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