Earth Protect Squad Mod Apk 2.41.64 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperKisunja – Free Shooting Games
Requires5.0 & Up
Size100 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Earth Protect Squad is a mobile shooting combat survival game. Begin your challenge in the doomsday scenario where you’ll be immersed in a world of survival. Players will enter uncharted territory and begin the challenge. Try your hardest to defeat the invading aliens, and start with a diverse weapon system. 

The game immerses you in a realistic survival scenario. It presents a variety of unknown tasks to obtain more survival elements. There are an infinite number of level challenges and survival competitions. To defeat the alien invaders, you must strengthen yourself and battle aliens in thrilling new-level challenges.

You’ll have to face a variety of unknown extraterrestrial species. Shoot one by one because of your precise marksmanship. Then begin the combat with all weapons in hand. The game has a thrilling survival experience and a super-adventure warfare mode. Only by getting more powerful and surviving tremendous competitive challenges will you be able to survive. 

General Information

Earth Protect Squad is a shooting game in which you will join the guardian world with hi-tech weapons. Master the opponent’s dodge gap during the full shooting procedure to win and get rewards. However, you won’t be equipped with advanced weaponry in the start. The game’s interface is elegant and sophisticated with real functionality. Its premise is also vibrant and intriguing, rendering an unrivaled sense of game elegance.

You can play the daily chores assigned to you if the game control method can be shown smoothly. Using consistent and accurate practical effects throughout the confrontation process can assist you in achieving your objectives. You must demand and continue to strengthen your game weaponry.

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The realistic, high-definition game visuals provide an engaging gaming experience. You can freely replace your weaponry, thanks to a comprehensive armory system and numerous weapons and props to choose from. Teleport to the rune formation after collecting all of the boxes on the map. A parking airport will appear at random with a spaceship. 

You must enter the alternate universe where you can safely pass through the dim cave. At the exit, there will be an additional purple portal. To enter Ester’s old city, proceed to the purple entrance. Then, before the boss comes, communicate with the computer within the chamber for the second time. After defeating the boss, clear the monsters and move ahead in the game. 

Clear level 4-2 without getting hurt. After that, the boss’s area will be filled with a legendary circle. Enter the circle by moving to the center. Arrogant spirits, special magazines, and other damage-enhancing accessories will be there with a high-injury defense weapon. 

Overall Evaluations

Earth Protect Squad is an action-packed three-dimensional shooter game that revolves around the story of the Earth’s meteorite disaster. The game’s 3D graphics and details are exquisite, and the shooting experience is fantastic. It also includes a large playable map and several types of weaponry. It’s a fantastic first-person shooter game worth checking out. 

Alternatives to Consider

Modern Ops

Modern Ops is a first-person shooting game which is similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It features stunning graphics with detailed 3D maps. It offers several different gameplay styles. Alternatively, you can team up with friends to fight, using numerous advantages to snipe the enemy and win the game. Players can enjoy the shooting experience provided by a variety of unique weaponry. You can challenge your friends to various missions and kill opponents by working together. Begin a thrilling battle with a plethora of firearms and ammunition at your disposal. 

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Final Thoughts

Earth Protect Squad offers simulated gameplay with special battle scenes using 3D modeling. It has a strong sense of substitution and provides an immersive experience for users. A wide range of weaponry and guns are also available in the game. To enjoy the pleasure of shooting, you can switch options according to your needs. In the game, players take on the role of special combat comrades tasked with defending the planet. So, why the wait? Download the game today and enjoy. 

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