Fishing Clash Mod Apk 1.0.185 (Simple Fishing) For Android Users

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DeveloperTen Square Games: Sport Hunting and Fishing Games
Requires4.1 & Up
Size177 MB
MOD FeaturesSimple fishing
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For years, anglers have awaited a meaningful title to fulfill their need for actual fishing experiences. Thanks to Fishing Clash, players can now discover the amazing world of fishing on their Android devices.

Let’s dive into our review to learn more about this fantastic game.


Follow the adventures of a dedicated angler as he traverses the globe in search of the most unique marine life. In this game from Ten Square Games, enjoy one of the most authentic fishing experiences with realistic gameplay, deep angling techniques, and beautiful graphics.


There isn’t likely to be another game with as many features as Fishing Clash, particularly for smartphone users. This fantastic fishing game will provide you with a wealth of discoverable aspects, from traveling to various areas worldwide, enjoying fishing with hi-tech equipment, and encountering different species.

Examine the Professional Fishing Equipment

As a professional angler, you’ll need to have advanced equipment, with better control and mechanism. In Fishing Clash, players can feel the advantages of using professional equipment over standard equipment. You can gain an advantage over other anglers by selecting the appropriate gear for specific fishing activities. Also, you can upgrade it to make it more effective. Obtain upgradeable things while saving money. 

Enhance Your Abilities

Aside from collecting and upgrading gear, players can level up their talents to improve their overall fishing capability. You’ll acquire experience points that you can use to improve your talents and levels. In addition, if you need a quick boost, the shop provides a variety of buffs that can be purchased to grant you with powers temporarily.

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Exciting Events

The publisher has also included several events for players to complete and make the game more competitive. Take advantage of these opportunities to obtain excellent gifts that cannot be purchased with money alone. Furthermore, fresh content and events are released every week. For those who want to compete against other players, there are numerous fishing events where the top anglers can demonstrate their abilities.

Travel the World

Apart from the normal fish-catching routine, you can go to new places and enjoy your time. You are in for a genuine treat with numerous magnificent sites, such as the huge lake of Alabama, Guntersville Lake, the frozen seas of Alaska, and so on. You’ll also have the opportunity to compete in various fishing tournaments; enjoy, compete and put your abilities to the ultimate test with the most daunting fishes.

Go Fishing

You can indulge in the game, thanks to extensive gameplay, multiple fishing places to discover, professional gear and accessories, realistic 3D graphics, and intuitive control methods. All it takes is a quick installation to play this engaging game for hours on end.

Meet a Variety of Exotic Sea Creatures

You can also encounter exotic fishes in different locations. Take on some of the most incredible species, such as sunfish, barracuda, sharks, or even whales, to add to your fishing collection. Make sure you have the necessary abilities and equipment. 

Take Part in Various Fishing Activities

Because the game was created for fishing enthusiasts, you’ll have access to the most popular fishing activities. You can participate in outdoor seasonal fishing to catch the most incredible fish. Participate in competitions and tournaments to put your skills to the test against competitors worldwide. Alternatively, enjoy the magnificent scenery for a more peaceful experience.

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Play With People From All Over the World

Fishing Clash is a fun game for those looking for a few difficulties competing against real people worldwide. You’ll have access to a vast online fishing community that includes over 5 million anglers worldwide. Compete in spectacular real-time PvP battles with your friends. Go for the most epic fishes to see who has the greatest abilities and gain great prizes by defeating your opponents. 

Play for Free

This fantastic game is presently available for free. Simply download and install on your devices. However, you may be annoyed by the obnoxious commercials and occasional in-app purchases.

Sound and Video Quality 


We must mention that this game is one of the most fantastic games with outstanding visuals. Players can explore stunning fishing destinations in Florida, the Amazon River, Loch Ness, and other locales in the most realistic way possible, thanks to vivid 3D visuals. 


Every activity in Fishing Clash feels more realistic with loud sound effects. You can hear the waves crashing and splashing, fishes spluttering and the motion of the reel, all coming together for a great experience. 

Download Fishing Clash Mod Apk 

Fishing Clash is probably one of the greatest, if not the best, fishing games available for Android devices, with excellent gameplay, visuals, and gameplay.

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