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Do you enjoy playing action games? Then you will definitely enjoy Metal Slug X, a great game with amazing graphics, simple storyline, and gameplay. 


Metal Slug X is a shooting game in which you need to shoot down aliens with the help of mechanized weaponry. It works on different platforms, including PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Neo-Geo Pocket Color, and, most recently, the PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS. Many people enjoy Metal Slug X because of its basic gameplay, rapid gaming rhythm, and humorous aspects.

Metal Slug X uses 2D graphics like the previous editions. Players must shoot continuously at adversaries along the path, facing the boss after each door. You can collect several items to enhance your guns and tanks during battling. You can use a knife to make a melee strike in addition to shooting. Metal Slug X also has a variety of maps with different locations such as forests, cities, valleys, canyons, and military facilities. 


  • Genre: Action/Strategy
  • Graphics: 2D
  • Mode: Offline / Online
  • Age Genre: 12 years and up
  • Publisher: SNK Corporation 
  • Android version: 2.3.3 and higher and iOS 7.0 and higher
  • Cost: Free 


The game’s plot revolves around the Peregrine Falcon force, consisting of four individuals. They are a friendly bunch of soldiers who specialized in individual tasks. General Donald Morden’s rebel with the distinctive X-shaped signboard is the adversary in this edition. The armies of the Peregrine Falcon must foil a coup attempt and conquer the realm. Morden will also serve as the story’s main antagonist. Aside from the general, we have Sergeant Allen, a true sub-boss, who is his strong arm. Throughout Morden’s attempt to conquer the globe, he was a dedicated combat nerd and a devoted follower.

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Interesting Gameplay

The game layout of Metal Slug X is tactical, and it’s a recreation of the once-popular PC game that has etched itself into the minds of young people. The player’s goal is to command and employ his warriors to defend the castle against an onslaught of enemies. In addition to defending their stronghold, you will also control the soldiers to fight off the invaders. 

Modes of Play

Metal Slug X’s offline game mode offers you with over 100 levels. When your phone is linked to the Internet, you can fight and compete against other gamers worldwide. You will be rewarded with points in the overall rankings when you emerge victorious. Players can level up each member by paying some amount. You can also join an online competition to challenge other players in addition to completing objectives.

Characters and Weapons

Metal Slug X provides players with a rich character system that includes over 60 different troops, allowing them to create their team. The player’s triumph or defeat will be determined by how well they employ units, comprehend and combine each individual’s strength to generate an accumulated one. The game publisher provides each army with its own set of powers. The attacker, for example, will overtake the vanguard and bomb the enemy. At the same time, the tank will wipe out all opposing soldiers on the route before exploding when it reaches the enemy base. 

Game Assistance

You won’t need to utilize troops; instead, you can choose those whom you are familiar with. Upgrade to improve the strength and encourage others too.

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Configure the Game

The game’s graphics are impressive, although they are in 2D. The effects, character design, and game setting are reminiscent of the original Metal Slug. It gives gamers a familiar sense while allowing them to experience new things. It is playable on mid-range mobile devices with 4GB RAM or more, thanks to its fresh and modern visual background that isn’t too heavy.

Sound and Graphics

Even though Metal Slug X offers 2D graphics, the game’s beauty and scale will not surprise players. The units are intricately detailed and have unique properties that delight the gamer. The game’s setting is centered on developing concrete fortress army installations that use a variety of bright colors to produce a visually appealing overall experience. 

Last Thoughts

Metal Slug X does not disappoint fans with the new gameplay, thanks to the well-balanced gameplay, self-searchable and upgradeable content, competitive matches, and pleasing eye-catching aesthetics. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will be excited about Metal Slug X and will be eager to play it. So, download it today and enjoy.

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