Dancing Ballz Mod Apk 2.3.5 (Unlimited Lives) For Android Users

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Requires5.0 & Up
Size31.43 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lives
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Dancing Ballz is a music-themed action game similar to Temple Run. The gameplay of Dancing Ballz is simple; touch the screen to make the ball go on the platforms, overcome obstacles, and avoid falling out. If you level up further in Dancing Ballz, you can go back to the previous tables and grab extra points. Dancing Ballz contains checkpoints at the end of each level, so you can restart the game if you lose. Furthermore, it features vivid background music that makes the game more enjoyable.

General Information

Dancing Ballz is a free music game, made by AMANOTES. This game blends high-quality music with rhythm, creating delightful encounters and moves. To make the ball leap or change direction, you must touch the screen at the appropriate time. Dancing Ballz is divided into several stages, which you must complete to earn more rewards. You’ll see a lot of advertising as you progress to higher levels. There are numerous ball types in the game; to unlock them, you must first complete the requisite levels.

Dancing Ballz: How to Play

Dancing Ballz is a fantastic Apple dance game. Players must keep control of the dancing ball and dance to the beat of the music. This game will provide a unique experience for music-oriented fans who enjoy simple strategic games. Feel every beat and rhythm, then let the music lead you. It’s a genuine dance game where you can compete with your friends.

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Click Login after logging in to Tomorrow’s Ark’s main website. After logging in, go to the left and select Personal Center. Enter the personal center and, on the left, select Self Inquiry. The role UID has been filled in automatically. To query 30 days, click on the question. Within 30 valid data, the query result may be delayed from the game’s actual activity.

Overall Evaluations

Dancing Ballz is a game that combines fast-paced dance with high-quality music to create a unique experience for music game fans. Listen to the beat and melody and test your reaction and rhythmic abilities with your friends and other players. Stick to the beat of the song so that you can dance properly. The more prepared you are to hit, the more points you will receive. 

The editor of the sixth mobile network has meticulously compiled and released Dancing Ballz. This is a music-themed mobile game which is easy to learn yet tough to master. If you enjoy music games, you should give it a shot. The game uses different traps and musical features to keep it fun and engaging. Also, to test your reaction time and rhythm skills, pay close attention to the beat and melody.

Alternatives to Consider

Beat Roller

Beat Roller is a new music-themed fun game that promises to provide hours of entertainment. It combines music, action, and puzzle elements in which you must lead the ball to the finish line on each level. If you enjoy music games and look for something fresh, thrilling, and challenging, Beat Roller is an excellent choice. During the game, you must guide the ball through the circles along the course and to the finish line to complete each level. Also, remember to gather coins and gift boxes along the way to unlock new tunes and gleaming skins. Download the game today and enjoy with the hottest tunes and diverse collection.

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Final Thoughts

Dancing Ballz is a lighthearted and fun game with a clean and basic design. The gaming screen is uncluttered with music playing in the background. You can roll, hop, avoid obstacles and listen to the music altogether. The game offers a simple procedure and keeps you engaged for hours on end. Enjoy beautiful music and engaging puzzles designed for each song. While tapping, assist the ball in moving through platforms and collect as many bonus points as possible.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M1JRyvediQ

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