Dragon Hills 2 V1.1.8 (Mod Unlimited Coins) For Android Users

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DeveloperRebel Twins
Requires4.1 & Up
Size65.3 MB
MOD Features– Unlimited Coins
– Complete one level to get coins!
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Dive into Dragon Hills 2’s action-packed mobile adventures, where you’ll accompany the daring princes on their new escapades. You’ll be riding on huge mechanical dragons and crashing down structures in your path. Choose from a variety of mechs and robots to ride on as you take on the latest challenges in Dragon Hills 2. 

With our evaluations, you can learn more about this fantastic game by Rebel Twins.


You will be able to accompany the courageous and capable princess on her new adventures, where she will have to cope with the evil zombies who are wreaking havoc on the Earth. As Earth’s sole hope, you must deal with them quickly or all the people will convert into zombies. 

You’re partly to blame for losing the single piece of technology that could allow you to travel back in time and prevent the zombie apocalypse. Now you must hop on your fantastic mechanical contraption, chase down the zombies, and retrieve the time machine to redeem yourself. Use your robots’ unique capabilities and skills to evade enemy attacks and traps by burrowing underground, flying through the air and firing strong rounds at them.


This is where you’ll find all of the game’s great features.

Simple and Entertaining Game

You will be able to play yet another fantastic game on your smartphones. As you guide the hero through a sequence of exciting activities and challenges, you will gain more rewards and uncover exciting new levels. Discover new features as you progress through Dragon Hills 2.

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Intuitive One-Touch Controls

To make the game more approachable, gamers are exposed to basic and straightforward one-touch controls, which will allow you to become acquainted with the gameplay rapidly. Feel free to jump into Dragon Hills 2’s casual gameplay while enjoying the simple controls. To dig underground or penetrate any structure in front of you, tap on the screen. You’ll fly to the surface when you let go of your finger.

Intriguing Maps 

You’ll also get the opportunity to explore the intriguing settings with fully destructible environments as you progress through the epic levels and challenges. Each level will have its distinct configuration, and you’ll be able to drill through various buildings while shattering the stuff in front of you with strong bullets. As you smash buildings, bridges, vehicles, and zombies amazingly, have fun with the game.

Take on a Never-Ending Series of Levels and Stages

Get on your mech dragons and ride forth to more than 4 different planets with 28 towers and plenty of levels to complete as you embark on your zombie-kicking escapades. Play to your heart’s content as you assist your heroes in overcoming fascinating trials of increasing difficulty. Take advantage of your robots’ and dragons’ special abilities to complete the levels.

Challenge the Undead With a Variety of Weapons

In addition to the original mech dragon, gamers in Dragon Hills 2 have access to some of the most bizarre and fantastic gadgets. Feel free to ride your dinosaurs, spaceships, and other vehicles through the limitless levels. To deal with various challenges, use their distinct powers and peculiarities.

Utilize the Numerous Available Power-UPS

You’ll have access to a variety of fascinating power-ups to use on your mechs. Allow your dragon to use the new fire breathes, Gatling guns, or even powerful lasers to take out any foes that dare to stand in your way. Not to mention that you can radically apply instant boosts to alter the outcome of battles.

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Compete Against Your Friends and Other Online Players

The game also includes fantastic achievements, allowing you to compete with friends and Internet gamers. Connect your social media or Google Play Store account to the game to find other players and earn bragging rights by completing amazing achievements. Alternatively, take on the epic tasks to climb the leaderboard section. 

Play for Free

You can easily download the game on your smartphones without spending anything. Go to the Google Play Store and download it.

Mod Version

Avoid advertising and in-app purchases by installing the patched version of the game on your mobile devices. It gives you access to unlimited money, allowing you to buy whatever you desire. Download our Dragon Hills 2 Mod Apk and start having fun.

Sound and Video Quality


Enjoy Dragon Hills 2’s stunning and crisp-looking gameplay together with its cartoonish graphics that suit players of all ages. A terrific title to watch during your next get-together.


As you play through the countless stages of Dragon Hills, listen to the basic yet addicting soundtracks. Immerse yourself in the game together with responsive and realistic sound effects.

Download Dragon Hills 2 Mod Apk 1.1.8 

Fans of the popular Hungry Dragon and Zombie Tsunami games will undoubtedly like Dragon Hills 2’s gameplay. We don’t see why you shouldn’t give it a shot, especially since it’s entirely unlocked for free.

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