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DeveloperFocus Home Interactive
Requires4.4 & Up
Size443 MB
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MudRunner is a sequel to the popular racing game Spintires. It allows players to drive strong off-road vehicles, traverse a series of challenging roads, and experience the latest automobiles. 

Get in the driver’s seat, buckle up, and prepare for an off-roading adventure with MudRunner. The game features a new Sandbox Map, five original maps, improved graphics, a new challenge mode, 13 vehicles, and numerous enhancements.

19 powerful off-road racing cars will be used in the game. Obtain your objectives and overcome any weather or road conditions. You will have to drive through dirt, rivers, and other obstacles. The physical mechanism accurately reflects the vehicle’s movement and weight. Players can race cars by themselves or in groups of three for more coordinated racing. To get the most out of MudRunner, don’t forget to download extra mods from the community.

General Information

MudRunner is an off-road simulation game available on both iOS and Android. It was published in 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox and developed by Focus Home Interactive. Join the game, where players must move valuable items over tough terrains while avoiding damage to commodities and minimizing impact on transportation. According to publisher Focus Home Interactive, MudRunner will include over 30 cars, 60 features, and ten different maps on the Nintendo Switch.

Mudrunner: How to Play

Avoid Becoming Stranded

In MudRunner, you need to learn how the gearbox works. Distinguish between a 1, a 1+, and reverse. The torque is higher, allowing the car to glide, creep, bulldoze, and climb smoothly. To avoid further wheel spin, accelerate slowly. The game offers different transmissions for cars, including automatic and manual. 

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Maximum Speed Restriction

The maximum speed should be limited to reduce the wheel’s movement. Furthermore, it will limit the quantity of mud spilling onto the car, allowing the wheels to dig deeper into the muddy road. Move the gear lever back and forth between the first and reverse gear to control the speed.

Examine the Road

The game’s tracks entail friction and hardness on each road surface. Pay attention to the color of the soil since the darker it is, the softer it will be. Because of their massive torque and wheels, heavy vehicles have an advantage on soft dirt roads. On muddy roads, the chance of heavy vehicles getting stuck is greater than lighter vehicles.

Winch Tool

Every vehicle is equipped with a winching tool which is used to help a driver in challenging conditions, such as when it is stopped on the road. The winch can be used to hook into another vehicle or pull you out of the bog. Do not undervalue it; you will need it numerous times throughout the game.

Viewing Ability

Many roads appear to be normal, but they carry hidden perils. Use a scout vehicle to get to high ground, inspect the landscape beforehand, or unlock watch points to get a better perspective is a better option.

Keep an Eye Out for Gas

The majority of the player’s quests end up being long-distance jobs. As in real life, nothing is more stressful than running out of gas while driving. If you don’t want your delivery job to turn into a rescue operation, ensure that you carry enough fuel to finish the level. 

Overall Evaluations

The game is set in rural Siberia where you will be driving and overcoming numerous difficulties. To get to your destination, you’ll have to overcome several obstacles. You will have to complete the journey by overcoming rough terrains and traveling day and night in harsh conditions. You can drive 16 different cars in 15 distinctive environments; rivers, forests, mountains, and wetlands are examples of these habitats. In addition, the game’s vehicles range from light to big military trucks, which you can use accordingly.

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Alternatives to Consider 

Truck Simulator USA

Truck Simulator USA is a driving simulation game that allows you to experience the sensation of controlling massive 18-wheeled trucks on American highways. In Truck Simulator USA, players will be tasked with transporting various items in these vehicles. You’ll have a lot of fun playing online with your friends.

Final Thoughts

MudRunner Mod Apk is a game that simulates truck driving. It makes the in-game experience challenging for players who have never driven a real truck before. MudRunner’s vehicles appear to be rugged and powerful; however, they are still susceptible to breakage. When you crash your automobile into road barriers while driving, the vehicle goes non-functional and the engine’s lifespan is reduced. However, it is an exciting game for you to enjoy. So, download it today.

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