School Girls Simulator Mod Apk 1.0 (Unlocked) For Android Users

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School Girls Simulator is a smartphone game that replicates a schoolgirl’s life. During the game, you can go to a school, take lessons, participate in extracurricular activities, buy food or talk to classmates, and ride a bike or a car. In this game, The School Girls Simulator has anime graphics, and it uses a range of forms to decorate characters, offering a unique experience that is unlike any other game. 

General Information

School Girls Simulator is a role-playing game with a first-round premise released for mobile devices. It puts gamers in the shoes of schoolgirls to enact in school activities. Throughout the game, one thing to keep in mind is that you should never assault others without reason. You will be expelled right away, so think twice before acting.

School Girls Simulator is a fun game with beautiful visuals that simulates traveling campaigns. You can even employ weapons to harm classmates and professors with rich gameplay. School Girls Simulator is a video game that simulates the school life of a typical Japanese high school girl. Weapons will be dropped on the campus randomly, and ammunition can be purchased from the school’s shop. Defending your favorite school successfully will boost your popularity and make it easier for you to make friends with other kids.

What Is the Best Way to Play School Girls Simulator

School Girls Simulator provides a very realistic immersive experience. There are various activities in the game that will help you grow your character in the eyes of others, such as greater intelligence while mastering the entire curriculum. You can purchase candy from nearby vending machines and invite friends to help you increase your popularity. 

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You can go to class, confess to peers, buy sweets, and interact with classmates to get a glimpse into a girl’s life. When your evaluation reaches 50 persons, their feelings become crucial to your achievement. Furthermore, zombies are approaching, so fight back to protect your buddies. When you assault a zombie, you will turn into one. When you attack a classmate, the instructor will be informed, and the teacher will report to whoever receives it.


Changing the Loudness 

You can speed up the game and complete it within one hour. The option of not dripping blood is challenged by those who dislike seeing blood. You can immediately move to various places, including your seat, the shop, the roof, and the swimming pool. You can alter your appearance, hairstyle, hair color, and eye color. We can adjust the gamepad of the right analog pad on the axis.

Recommendation for Gamepad

It can be controlled by connecting a gamepad to a smartphone with a USB host function. If you’re having trouble controlling the correct simulation pad, try changing the settings. You can also try the VR mode in which the screen is split in half. Lastly, your VR headset will connect to the camera with the moving head viewpoint.


The game uses 3D modeling to create a realistic campus atmosphere where you can engage in real-life school activities. We use the virtual keyboard as our operating system, which is simple to comprehend and apply. 

Alternatives to Consider

School Days

School Days is a free mobile high school simulation game from MDickie. The game provides players with a new dimension in which they can accomplish everything they want, including school and social activities. Through School Days, you will experience each day and hour in its proper order, from waking up to attending a planned class. When you wish to graduate with great marks, choose the answers in 10 different subjects. 

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Although School Days is free to play, you will still be bothered by advertisements and in-app purchases. Enjoy the open-end gameplay and customize it to make it more appealing. It promises to provide players with thrilling and unusual experiences.

Final Thoughts

School Girl Simulator Mod Apk is a casual game focused on a little girl’s daily campus life. Begin your day as the class bell rings. The game will take you back to your studying days, allowing you to rediscover the joys of university life from a new perspective. During this game, you’ll take on the job of a JK. You’ll notice a lot of familiar faces as you go around campus. 

Your unique student experience will provide users and their friends with a fun and unique simulation campus adventure gaming world experience. What do you think? Do you still enjoy this game? You should enter the game and give it a shot if you enjoy it.

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