Basketball Stars Mod Apk 1.37.3 (Fast Level Up) For Android Users

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Requires4.0.3 & Up
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It’s time for you to get involved in some amazing street basketball action. Choose and design your basketball players to play in an exciting online game with millions of other players around the world. Put your talents and abilities to the test in thrilling matches and level up your characters to acquire new abilities and collect cool gears. 


The game takes place in a small neighborhood, where you’ll begin as a new street basketball player who has always wanted to play against the big boys. Basketball Stars allows you to put your basketball abilities to the test against other online gamers. Begin by playing against other newcomers and work your way up to being a professional street basketball. 


This is where you’ll discover all of the game’s amazing gameplay.

Simple Gameplay

Basketball Stars is a reasonably simple game to play due to the intuitive controls. However, the game has a few control choices, allowing you to move your characters about, have them perform tricks, and so on. However, mastering the game takes time. However, once you have, you can have fun playing the game with other experienced players.

Personalize Your Basketball Players 

Basketball Stars allows you to customize your basketball players completely. Select your preferred genders and the appropriate physics for your players. Choose from a variety of hairstyles and add some fantastic facial hairstyles. Dress them up with a variety of cool outfits and accessories. Select from over 400 modification options to create thousands of unique styles. Furthermore, the game has over 40 distinct types of basketballs for you to choose from.

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Enjoy the Game With Real-Time Action Sequences

Participate in exciting basketball competitions where you can put your abilities to the test against the top players. To gain an advantage over your opponents, apply simple methods including dribbling, fencing, shooting, stealing, blocking, and more. 

Unleash Your Full Potential and Empower Your Team

You can also use several upgradable choices available to make your players capable. You can equip your characters with hundreds of different equipment which significantly boost your numbers and make them more capable in battle.

Ascend the Fame Ladders Slowly

Have your characters compete in the exciting Underdog courts to advance in the game. Win games against your opponents to climb the leaderboard section. You’ll also gain experience points that can be utilized to level up your characters. Unlock more exclusive courts and compete with online gamers as your level and fame rise. 

Discover New Game Modes

Basketball Stars offers a variety of game modes, so players are unlikely to become bored. Spend your time learning new basketball strategies and winning matches in various ways.

1v1 Contests: Basketball Stars’ 1vs contests allows users to battle against other online gamers in exciting and competitive matches. To gain your triumph, you must demonstrate your entire skillset.

1v1 Shootouts: You can compete in this mode if you want to focus on winning against your opponents in a shootout. Two basketball players compete against each other for a set amount of time. The winner takes it all!

Daily Awards and Riches 

Basketball Stars is one of the rare games that lavishly rewards its players. That said, simply being active can bring you a lot of benefits. Collect daily awards, complete tasks, and gain valuable loot, among other things.

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Play for Free

Basketball Stars is a free-to-play game which you can install on your Android devices. However, some of you may find the in-app purchases irritating because they drastically slow down your progress.

Mod Version

However, if you want a completely free basketball experience, our Basketball Star Mod Apk is always available. Download the file to your devices and follow our instructions to install it properly. Make any in-app purchases you desire and play through the entire game.

Sound and Video Quality


Basketball Stars is one of the few street basketball games with excellent visuals. You’ll like the increased visual effects here, making the action more dramatic and epic. Furthermore, because the game isn’t graphically demanding, it may be loaded on low-end devices without causing lags or stutters. 


Basketball Stars exposes gamers to unique and addictive experiences with fantastic tunes and soundtracks.

Download Basketball Stars Mod Apk 1.37.3

This game would undoubtedly appeal to fans of the popular indoor sport, especially when our tweaks allow you to play for as long as you like.

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