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If you enjoy the old-fashioned restaurant game genre with classic variants, Food Street will be a great alternative for you. Cooking, restaurant management, and farm building are all included in the game, and you are not only the proprietor of a restaurant but also of a farm. It is a fun business simulation smartphone game in which you will need to collect ingredients and follow recipes to create delectable feasts.

Food Street: How to Play

Rice, corn, cabbage, and carrots are examples of foods that can be grown to provide cooking components. Purchase more barns and livestock to obtain eggs, milk, and meat. Each meal will have varied ingredients and food amount requirements when cooking with farm-fresh products.

You will serve orders to earn more money in the game, allowing you to access new devices and functionalities. Decorating and growing your restaurant is another fascinating task. To make your restaurant more advanced and beautiful, you should enlarge the space, purchase more tables and chairs, decorate the floor and walls, and arrange the placement of goods.

Coins are the game’s units for exchanging, buying, and selling. You can sell the products in your inventory on the market or purchase the required items. However, you must join the Food Street community on Facebook to utilize this function.


Super Solid, a British firm, created the smartphone game Food Street. The game screen is vibrant and the behaviors of the NPCs within it are as well. After entering the game, there will be some instructions that you need to adhere to. The initial language setting is English because it comes from a British firm. The game offers five elements of building decoration; commerce, chef activities, truck jobs, and club.

Decoration of Structures

Enter the game lobby and use your finger to click the paintbrush icon. The options on the left column plot the several food station paging, gold, and construction time classes. Crops are an essential link, and we’ll utilize them or sell them individually. The second page depicts the planting of chick fruit plants. Finally, there are numerous categories on the third page of the chair symbol, including a table, door, window, and decorating.

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You can use diamonds and coupons to purchase several products. Alter different decorations to decorate the restaurant as you edit the event. Your character spends most of her time adjusting the restaurant’s motif because the special effects are attractive. The icon on the fifth floor is a decorative floor, and to obtain it, you must first unlock gold coins or vouchers. Most of the actions for creating food stands and decorating restaurants can be done using icons.

Chef’s Responsibilities

The meter above the image indicates the quantity attained at this point. You won’t be able to participate in the challenge until you reach the second milestone. Every time we accomplish a milestone, we’ll receive a random assortment of coupons, tools, and gold coins. The first-place prize consists of ten blue tickets, which decrease in value in descending order. You can accomplish more tasks and receive milestone ticket rewards if you have a lot of time to redeem tasks.

Transport Mission

There will be a truck mission with a character having black-rimmed glasses and a beard. The basic goal of the truck mission is to earn tickets (red or gray), which you can do by completing the order and sending the truck away in a specified amount of time. You also have two options for assistance, and you can enlist the assistance of others to accomplish the order.


Occasionally, the official restaurant hosts special events. For example, if you are participating in a Christmas event, you must fulfill the order to get points and tickets. However, the unit transforms from an individual to a group. To participate in these activities, you must join the club.

These activities are the same as the chef’s responsibilities. The stronger the club, the sooner you reach the second milestone. As a result, you can take your time before beginning to complete the order. There are three yellow, gray, and red tickets for first place, two tickets for second place and one for third place. Friends who do not have tickets can assist the club in completing more objectives.

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Food stalls, crops, and land will be available for club activities unrelated to the original restaurant. It connects the food prepared at the stand to the event’s theme, making these dishes festive. 

Overall Evaluations

Food Street features vibrant 2D graphics and excellent attention to detail throughout the game. Examples include dishes, crops, chicken coops, cows, water processing bars, and interior design service areas. Sound is an essential component of the game. The game entails background music with a playful tone, realistic sound effects for bread and cheese manufacturing, and coin sounds. 


The game has some issues with the network. To fix it, click Settings-Network Diagnostics-Start Testing on the game’s home page. Restart the router or change the network if the delay is excessive.

Move closer to the router if the signal is too weak. If some mobile phones are not restarted for an extended period, the mobile phone network card will be disconnected. We recommend that you reset your phone and verify your network.

The power-saving mode has several flaws. Various mobile phones can have different settings, enabling background cleaning protection under the power-saving temperature control settings. If the phone has a game mode or a performance mode, activate it and add it to get the most out of its performance. 

If the card remains stuck, the game’s picture quality will deteriorate. It disables the high frame rate setting and disables the HD display. You can only change your phone if it still doesn’t work, and it is impossible to save your phone.

Alternatives to Consider

My Cafe

My Cafe’s basic concept is extremely simple. Upgrade to a higher level, get more expensive equipment, install more advanced compulsions to generate more money, etc. Apart from gold coins, other tangible currency, diamonds, and everything it represents, money is required. 

The most prominent element is an item exchange. The broken pieces should be discarded as it always restricts the amount of space available. To encourage clean separation, the game offers diamonds as a reward. It demonstrates which habits the game promotes. Either put yourself in the right direction or get rid of unneeded worries. Pay close attention to who you recruit. Even if the cost is a little more, having particular skills is a great option to have. 

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Diner Dash Adventures

Diner Dash Adventures is a new mobile simulation game from Glu that will be released shortly. Players can pre-register for this game on the App Store and Google Play. You’ll reincarnate the Flo and return to the old house, transformed into a high-end restaurant. Your mission is to assist Flo in restoring Diner Town to its former glory.

Apart from operating restaurants, the game requires you to construct the best possible hotels, restaurants, public amenities, and other facilities. In the game, Big, a jealous and outraged office worker will try to sabotage the development and repair of Diner Town and oppose Flo’s return. 

Diner Dash Adventure has a rugged look to it in terms of aesthetics. The cartoon-oriented character representation offers the game a friendly interface, although not clutter-free. It is suited for all ages, despite being typical 2D visuals. Diner Dash Adventure has it all if you are seeking something different. The balance between building and stopping vandals brings the game to a different level. So, what are you waiting for? Download the game today and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Food Street Mod Apk is a restaurant management game in which players must construct various food stores, prepare food, sell it for gold coins, and then spend gold coins to purchase decorative supplies. Gold coins, diamonds, and coupons are the three most common forms of payment at the food court. You can obtain gold coins through various means; diamonds are mostly used to hold wealth or award accomplishments. The ticket volume is low, with chef activities, truck chores, and club activities providing revenue. The ticket volume is divided into four categories: yellow, gray, red, and blue. It can be used to buy accessories, pets, and tokens. We’ve shown you how to do these three enjoyable hobbies. Please leave a message and ask any questions you may have!

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