Ace Fishing: Wild Catch 7.2.1 (Mod Simple Fishing) For Android Users

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Contrary to popular belief, fishing is not a dull activity, reserved primarily for older men. There are so many things to learn about fishing in the world. As a fisherman, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most stunning locations. What could be more relaxing than taking in the scenery while waiting for your fish to appear?

However, not everyone enjoys fishing since not everyone has what it takes to leave everything behind for a vacation. The popular franchise has arrived on Android, and it’s just as thrilling as ever. Accept your adventure to the world’s most difficult locations, searching for legendary fish that no one has ever seen. With Ace Fishing Wild Catch, you can travel the world with your preferred partner and learn about different varieties of fish worldwide. 


As a dedicated angler, your entire goal in life is to sail out to sea and fish in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Prepare for a new adventure in Iceland’s cold kingdom, where you’ll face off against some of the world’s fiercest fish in intense head-to-head combat. Furthermore, subsequent upgrades will introduce you to more destinations. You’ll learn everything you need to know about fishing gear and tactics for a successful wild catch. Additionally, spend some time with your fascinating buddies and avid anglers.


Everything you need to know about fishing is included in the game, from comprehending different sorts of fish to the methods and experiences required of an angler. Here are some other elements of Ace Fishing Wild Catch that you will undoubtedly enjoy:

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Beautiful Places to Visit

Although the game initially just had one fishing destination, the authors quickly discovered that this was insufficient for fishing lovers, who began to want more. The game allows you to visit dozens of fishing spots worldwide, including the famous Amazon River, the vast Pacific Ocean, and many others. Prepare to pack your belongings because you’re about to embark on a global adventure. You’ll learn about hundreds of unusual fish that are only found in these places and study them because this is your only chance to see these animals.

Simple Controls

For novice anglers, the game has a simple control system that allows you to grasp the fundamentals of fishing easily. You’ll have everything you need to catch your fish with. However, don’t mistake this for a simple activity; mastering the art of fishing requires a great deal of knowledge and expertise.

Players are introduced to all aspects of the sport in Ace Fishing Wild Catch. You can learn how to fish like a pro in the Practice Room, both in the game and in real life. You’ll also learn about the features of different species and the strategies required to capture them.

Mechanics of Deep-Sea Fishing

The rods are available in various sizes and quality levels, allowing you to select the one that best meets your needs. You can also customize the rods by adding new fishing lines or patterns. Epic battles and intense action accentuate the fight between you and the fishes. The fish will move and behave differently depending on the species. 

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Put Your Skills to the Test Against Online Opponents

The game introduces the global rankings, in which each player can register their results and compare them to those of other anglers from around the world. Prepare to participate in competitive environments and give it your best to beat opponents. Earn a spot in the Global Ranking and compete for significant rewards.

Take Use of Beneficial Boosts and Power-UPS

Players will have access to use boosts and power-ups in Ace Fishing Wild Catch, which can be utilized to make their rods more efficient for a limited time. Use this to capture the most difficult fishes that will test your abilities. You can also use the included extras to make your rods more adaptable with various fishes. You’ll also be able to enter Fever Mode now and then, which provides basic stats and bonuses. As a result, you can use your improved stats to snag the catch from your opponents and win tournaments.

League Ranking System

For those looking for more online experiences, Com2uS is launching a new League Ranking System, where you can show off your skills to other players. Participate in the daily battles to improve your rating.

Play in Your Native Tongue

The game includes over 13 languages for players from all over the world to overcome one of the most common challenges from different nations: language barriers. You can play your favorite fishing game in English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, and other languages. Communication will never be an issue in Ace Fishing Wild Catch.

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Play for Free

The game is still free to play, and you can easily download and install it for free from Google Play. Although some in-app purchases are still available, the game can be played without them.

Sound and Video Quality


Players can immerse themselves in the world of fishing, thanks to the stunning 3D graphics. The dishes are meticulously created, highlighting even the most distinct characteristics. By comparing their photos, you can readily discern one from the other. Furthermore, the catching dynamics make you feel like a genuine fisherman confronting a formidable foe. Lastly, the game’s high-resolution visuals makes it ideal for high-end smartphones.


Voiced characters and precise sound effects enhance the player’s experience. They appear to be lost in fishing paradise.

Download Ace Fishing: Wild Catch Mod Apk 7.1.1

Ace Fishing Wild Catch will provide you with numerous hours of pleasure and delight, thanks to its exciting and addictive gameplay.

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