Final Kick 2020 Mod Apk 9.1.2 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperIvanovich Games
Requires5.0 & Up
Size82 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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If you enjoy FIFA and are looking for a good football mobile game, you’ve come to the correct place! Football has long been an essential element of the sports industry, and it is undeniably a sport with a large fan base. “Final Kick 2020” is the greatest option if you can’t afford FIFA or other popular football games.

“Final Kick 2020” was released by Ivanovich Games in 2018, receiving love and admiration from football lovers and fans. Final Kick 2020, as its title suggests, is about scoring the winning goal for your team. Create your perfect team, and enjoy the moments. 


Football coaches will lead their teams to several victories and collect lucrative awards. The game does not require you to play a full match with players running around, passing the ball from one person to another. The only thing you have to do in “Final Kick 2020” has your teammates shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. That’s all there is to it!


Simple Gameplay

The primary goal of this game is to score more kicks than your opponent. The game is simple to play and all the features are properly organized. Follow the instructions in the game and enjoy. Final Kick 2020 provides basic game controls where players only need to shoot the ball with their fingers and drag the goalkeeper to make fantastic saves. 

Before your first online match, you can name your team. Then play to earn daily rewards and level up to get access to new events and competitions. You can choose your team’s flag and change it whenever you like.

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Multiplayer Option

Invite your friends to compete in this fantastic football game. Challenge them or locate an online opponent. You’ll have to decide which angle to shoot the ball from. After that, a statistical table will appear on which you will know how many times you have kicked the ball. After each shoot, a replay will be shown, which you can skip. Each player has five kicks and the player with the most kicks wins. Players can unlock new kicks to make it more difficult for the opponent’s goalkeeper to catch them. Furthermore, you must draw a short line if you wish to take a low shot.

When it’s your turn to stop a shot, keep an eye on your opponent’s eyes to guess where his shot will go. But be wary; he may try to deceive you. While playing, boosters such as extra time, shooter stats, and energy drinks can be purchased. After each match, participants can add friends to the game to make it more exciting. 

Offline Competitions

If you are without access to the Internet, you must first seek assistance and be cautious about whoever you trust. Secondly, Final Kick 2020 is always available for your enjoyment. When there is no Wi-Fi, when you are on the go, or when you want to challenge actual soccer teams worldwide, you can play in the offline mode and enjoy. 

Game Modes and Matches

There are numerous divisions available in the game, such as first division, second division, international, and many others. When players achieve a particular level during the game, some of the features will be unlocked. Final Kick 2020 has two game modes: penalties and free kicks. 

Players and Their Abilities

Objects such as boots, shin pads, and balls can help your players improve their talents (power, effect, and stamina). The stronger and more effective you shoot, the greater your characteristics. Furthermore, whether a player kicks high or low is determined by their strength. Objects aren’t the only thing that can help you improve your talents; you can also earn training points as you level up. Try to distribute them evenly among the player’s abilities. Lastly, you can only train two players at a time, with each training taking a specific amount of time.

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Mod Version

Final Kick 2020 Mod Apk offers an unlimited money function that allows players to spend their money on whatever they want.

Sound and Graphics

In my opinion, Final Kick 2020’s design team has created the most realistic graphics, including slow-motion replays to watch and authentic animations using the latest 2020 motion capture technology with real penalty players.

With football theme tunes that may energize players, the music and sound effects are perfectly suited to the game.

Last Thoughts

I am not a huge football fan and rarely watch games. Nonetheless, because of its unique and addicting gameplay, “Final Kick 2020” is surely one of my favorite football mobile games.

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