Gemmy Lands Mod Apk 11.81 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperNevosoft Inc
Requires4.1 & Up
Size108.68 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated02 Days Ago
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Puzzle games have long been praised for their high levels of amusement, and there are several available on the App stores. However, not all of them are engaging and appealing to gamers. Like any other puzzle game, the basic purpose of the game is to match three or more gems and jewels in the same row or column to eliminate them and complete the goal. Aside from hundreds of levels of varying difficulty and puzzles, the game also has a variety of intriguing elements to discover, such as hidden treasures and the ability to create your planet.


Hundreds of Levels With Great Visuals

In Gemmy Lands, you will meet Gemmy, a wicked girl who will be your guide. Match three gems in a row and solve different riddles as you travel through planets, coasts, empires, and countries. Players will receive 1 to 3 stars depending on how well they solve the riddles. When players match three similar gems, they will disappear. Similarly, when four or five gems are matched, they will combine to form one powerful gem that will explode. Lastly, when two powerful gems are combined, they also explode and destroy other gems. 

The game also necessitates some foresight and luck. Calculate and destroy as many gems as possible in one move. Furthermore, there are three advantages that players can use while starting a level; these extras are extremely useful on difficult levels. Players will also gain gold after each level, which will be used for various purposes later. The graphics of Gemmy Lands are among the best in the puzzles category. Colorful gems and diamonds, as well as eye-catching explosions, will astonish everyone, particularly children.

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Side Games

Although Gemmy Lands: New Jewels is not available online, players can play Gemmy Lands to enjoy the same features and characteristics. While moving along in the game, players will meet more characters, each with their personalities and objectives. Complete the quests of other characters to earn a fantastic bonus. Furthermore, users may connect to Facebook and invite friends to join the game and compete in the race. 

Another intriguing feature is Gems Planet, which, if unlocked, allows players to create their planet with gold earned from completing stages. A treehouse, circus, and lovely flowers are all available for gamers to build on their planet. Furthermore, these structures aren’t merely for decoration; each one serves a purpose, such as assisting you in continuing your story.

Enjoyable Game

Gemmy Lands Mod Apk does not require Internet access to play, so once players download the game, they can enjoy their game at any time. Are you exhausted from a long day at work? Don’t worry, Gemmy’s bright explosion will calm you down. What are you waiting for? Over 20000 people have tried it and loved it.

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So, why the wait? Download the game today and enjoy!

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