Iron Kill Mod Apk 1.9.167 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperFree Action apps
Requires4.4 & Up
Size73 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Iron Kill is a free combat robot game available for download from the Microsoft Store. With stunning 3D visuals, it will transport you to a post-apocalyptic world where machines are at war. 

Your goal is to build an indestructible super robot that will fight in stunning turn-based combats. You will select weapons and equipment for the robots to fight in the battle. After each battle, your robot will be upgraded to a new level, allowing you to gain special abilities such as hurling fire, bombing areas, and using unique weapons. 

General Information

Iron Kill is a stunning robot game featuring bold action, a large robot collection, and ferocious online game types. It is optimized for smartphones and tablets and runs on devices with OS systems 4.0 and higher. The game immerses players in real-time championship bouts involving millions of people worldwide. When you join the game, you’ll be responsible for assembling a squad of steel punches and customizing them to your satisfaction. 

Background Information

Pick a robot and put it together to make a formidable warrior. If you’re a fan of the fantastic battle robot game series Synthetik: Arena or Insane Robots, then you should download Iron Kill and play it on your smartphone or tablet right away. Face off in a deadly battle to see who will emerge victorious? Take your robot warrior into the arena after escaping the post-apocalyptic planet. Iron fists, massive stature, and strong techniques will help you win. 

Iron Kill: How to Play

Touch the assault button on the screen to begin your game. You can activate the blow button in front of the opponent to conduct blows, punches, and blade movement at the enemy. Alter your character with both distance and speed to master the match after focusing and grasping your opponent’s weaknesses. 

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Iron Kill’s fighting style appears to be a hybrid of several prominent boxing techniques in other robot games like WWE, MMA, UFC, and Wrestling. However, when outfitted with a variety of modern weaponry, including sticks, swords, power-ups, protective gear, and energy, your character will become more robust and alluring. 


A Fighting Game

Customize and upgrade the robot to boost attack and strength. Equip the character with advanced technology to access more energy. You can also play a series of attractive time-limited events or tournaments with rigorous requirements in which 12 belligerents compete for the title. There are high-definition 3D visuals, including 7 arena arenas and a vast game map. Unlock special attacks and compete against other players in multiplayer online gaming mode.

Original Plot

Iron Kill’s game plot unfolds with a range of robots with different techniques and fighting abilities. Players can compete in numerous contests by training, configuring, and upgrading their robots. Your level will increase as you progress through the game. Unlock more robot kinds after you enter a new level. However, it will cost you gold coins and diamonds.


Iron Kill’s functioning is simple than that of other games. The three primary attack buttons represent light punches, strong punches, and defense. Switching between light and powerful punches can result in a particular amount of hits during an attack. When the blue progress bar of defensive value from the attack reaches 100%, activate the Shark Shield. 

Offline Assistance

Iron Kill features a high level of design on both the screen and the game. We believe that when readers hear about this fighting game, they will think of the movie “Steel Fist,” starring Hugh Jackman. Although “Real Steel” was not the first game to be released, it was subsequently remade based on the original. Pick up your phone and start assembling your robot fighting army and embark on a fantastic adventure!

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Overall Evaluation

Iron Kill’s main objective is to crush the enemy into a million pieces with a range of weapons. Combining the correct equipment, abilities, and strategies will give you an advantage over your opponents in the arena. Iron Kill contains exciting turn-based battles, allowing you to become a legendary super robot. Choose weapons, armor, and equipment to create the elite robot warrior. Then target opponents to destroy them with a single button press. By upgrading the robot regularly, you can improve your strength and endurance. It’s a terrific game for Real Steel World Robot Boxing fans, only this time you can play it on a larger screen.


– Action game with rich 3D graphics.

– Different types of foes to face.

– Fantasy game setting

– Exciting music in the background.

– Upgraded comfort.

Iron Kill is a robot war game with a lot of action. In this game, you play as a robot on a top-secret assignment. As a warrior, you must master the gaming environment and fulfill tough objectives to vanquish your opponents. Keep in mind that there is always a sniper robot waiting beneath the structures to eliminate you. Defeat all robots until the level is finished. The bravest and most elite robot will emerge victorious. 

Alternatives to Consider

Arena Synthetik

Arena Synthetik is a standalone addition for Synthetik: Legion Rising, a top-down shooter game. It showcases technology in a vivid environment. It also pushes players to survive against formidable opponents in five different tasks. Master current weaponry and make your own to fit your combat style. 

Discover the wide range of weaponry, goods, perks, and character improvements available. The combination game option allows you to combine your strengths and exploit each other’s flaws. With your teammates, share perks, items, buffs, and loot. Arena Synthetik aims to provide players with an immersive and technical shooter experience to play the game. 

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Crazy Robots

In a unique game, you will fight to the death. Compete in one-on-one battles and lead the robot rebellion. In a 15-hour single-player campaign, overthrow the evil robot overlord. Insane Robots has been updated to include two new game modes, Tricksy and Robo-slayer, three spectacular multiplayer modes, Quick combat, Max the cash, and Best of three. Discover over 46 different robots in five different gaming environments. Lastly, unlock more robots to build an unbeatable team.

Worlds’ End

Players will compete against all the world’s most powerful robots in the online game arena or major fighting events to climb the rankings. The activities you participate in will provide vital incentives to aid the robot’s ability to build players’ reputations.

Final Thoughts

Iron Kill offers outstanding graphics and sound effects. The game works in a fantasy world that allows players to enter the game like true warriors. Start the fight and enjoy by downloading the modified version. 

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