Kitchen Story Mod Apk 13.1 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperAppOn Innovate
Requires4.1 & Up
Size21.73 MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
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Kitchen Story is a simple game that provides high levels of excitement. You’ll assist Katie in running a wonderful cake store, developing new cake styles, having customer compliment your cakes, and becoming the best cake maker on the street. To keep the restaurant open, you must update eateries, increase popularity, and create tastier meals.

During the game, players can spend gold money they have earned to decorate the business, creating a wonderful and peaceful ambiance. Before you can get a foothold on the street, you’ll need to use your business sense and know when to invest. The game introduces a novel business model in which you can apply for a well-known chef or gather resources to join your restaurant. 

General Information

Kitchen Story is a fun management game with a cartoon-based theme. As a store manager, you must learn to absorb client feedback better and prepare more fulfilling cuisine. You can open new shops to manage the new business if you have enough currency. Make the most of your business ability by starting your own company. You can join your restaurant by hiring a well-known chef or acquiring resources. 

Each narrative in the cafe is unique, including Scandal and Chef. You’re going to open a bakery or a restaurant. Then, to optimize revenues and stay in the game, devise a service strategy. Upgrade equipment and use power-ups and boosters to improve time management and food output. Children and adults will enjoy the story of your restaurant’s influence and interesting customers. You can also play the game in various languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Thai, and Indonesian.

Each customer’s expression can also be effectively amplified. The gameplay is simple, but the diversity and steps necessitate a certain level of expertise. Players can also spend the gold money they have earned to decorate the business, creating a wonderful and peaceful ambiance. You must attract more clients to improve your restaurant’s reputation on this street, and they will generate revenue for you.

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Overall Evaluations

Kitchen Story is a free cooking simulation game with attractive graphics and surprising difficulties. Download Kitchen Story right now to start cooking delectable delicacies for your customers. Kitchen Story is a chef game with an attractive interface, options, and fun challenges. Join the game, and you will encounter cooking professionals from all across the city to defeat these opponents and become the best chef. 

Despite being a new game published in April, Kitchen Story has left a strong impression on the gaming community throughout the world. The gameplay in Kitchen Story is similar to those of recent games like Toca Kitchen, Cooking Tycoon, and Cooking Mama Let’s Cook. Gamers will be required to perform several activities, including feeding customers with various food requirements and collecting a large sum of money and diamonds to purchase new processing supplies. Players will encounter numerous challenges as they begin with a small kitchen with only a few processing tools, simple foods, and a dispersed number of customers. The game covers everything from understanding the guest’s needs to saving time on the road, preparing, serving, and taking in new food requests. You will progress swiftly once you have established your reputation and been accustomed to the challenge.

The game reduces the client’s waiting times. If the green indicator bar reaches zero, they will become enraged and may quit your shop. As a result, change the cooking utensils to improve your chances of victory. Use your hard-earned cash and talents to overcome all obstacles. The gameplay is basic but fascinating, with numerous surprising and dramatic obstacles.

After completing each level, different things will be unlocked. You can play offline without affecting your data capacity. Popcorn, fried eggs, burgers, salads, sandwiches, servings of pasta, pizzas, and ice creams are among the simple items available. To speed up cooking and serve more customers, remember to update your cooking utensils.

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Alternatives to Consider

Cooking City

Cooking City is an intriguing business simulation game. This game is designed in a lovely cartoonish manner where the player assumes the role of owner and chef of a restaurant in the city. To get extra incentives, you must meet as many clients as possible. The restaurant will grow more branches, cook more inventive cuisines, and achieve life’s summit. 

You will open new eateries in this city if you properly manage your current one. Customers will reward you with gold coins and tips, which you can use to open restaurants, outdoor coffee shops, dessert stores, and Japanese restaurants. Continue to acquire more shops with your gold coins for decoration and opening. 

Final Thoughts

You must produce a range of excellent dishes for customers. Carefully use ingredients, portions, and complete orders to expand. You can also hire someone to assist you. Enjoy the delightful food modeling while playing the entertaining games. Own your food court, prepare and serve guests, and make your business profitable. In this game, you will construct a unique restaurant with effective time management. Finally, create a service strategy to boost profitability and modernize equipment. 

Download the game today and enjoy.

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