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PES Club Manager is more than just a football game where you can play as a player. It also allows gamers to take on the role of manager, while selecting and training players. Your main goal is to develop tactics and battle as master coaches to reach the goal of becoming the best football manager in the world. When you join PES Club Manager, you’ll get the opportunity to connect with great soccer icon Luis Figo, learn more about his job, and listen to him share his career secrets. 

General Information

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) has long been associated with fondness among soccer fans, particularly among players who use PS2 and PS3 computers. From spiked boots, round balls, and an open goal, PES Club Manager offers great gameplay and controlling options. Win and bask in the glory of victory.

PES Club Manager follows the gameplay formula of other football management games, in which players must decide the future course of their team. To win each match and finish first at the end of the season, players must take responsibility for minor issues such as replacement, position arrangement, and going over the line, such as lineup strategy, fitness, and personal stats growth.

When playing, the game offers two basic display styles. The 2D screen on one side will cover the entire game, allowing you to monitor the situation with ease. On the other side, a 3D screen will display a realistic environment where players deploy the ball, attack, and defend in real-time. 

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Overall Evaluations

Konami announced the release of PES Club Manager in 2015. It’s a football management game for smartphones and tablets. The game uses a 3D graphics platform and is available in 18 different languages worldwide. In PES Club Manager, you will change into a skilled coach and direct your players to achieve the highest position in the world of football, similar to other games in the genre. The game, in particular, has over 5,000 participants all across the world. As a result, you must carefully select and build your team.

The game uses an innovative 3D graphics framework that enhances the player’s movements, motions, and technical performances. The control system in PES Club Manager is simple; different features are displayed on the Menu bar and you have the option for selecting any one of your choice. You can adjust the match speed at any time, even the change in tactics during the game is displayed on the screen.

The player management tool in PES Club Manager is also worth mentioning since it assists players in improving their ability to perform for the football team. If your present lineup does not satisfy you, you can always hunt for new faces in the transfer market. However, because it is a free game, you must use a PES coin to gain exceptional players (in-game currency is obtained through cash payment).

Alternatives to Consider

Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager straddles the line between the most conservative and the most innovative years, bringing several novel ideas to the game. However, it has significant historical flaws that the series has been carrying about for years. During play, players can only use the new tactical system designed by Soccer Manager Ltd. 

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Soccer Manager strives to make the gameplay easier by presenting a series of predetermined playing styles, beginning with well-known phrases. The game provides a pre-defined structure for less experienced players to rely on. We can distinguish the latter from the three assault, transition, and defensive phases. Each action has a sub-menu that contains different options. 

Final Thoughts

The visuals are based on the detailed graphics of the game. It enables high-end games to be rendered in clear, realistic 3D images. The player models are extremely detailed, with fluid ball control movements. Physical effects also play an important role in the game’s visual appeal. The intense pressure of stealing balls on the field causes spectacular collisions.

PES Club Manager gives the football management game community more options to enjoy. It’s a feature that has never been seen before in the game. Although it is not a new football management game, PES Club Manager has unique features. It assists Konami in attracting players through interesting events such as awarding PES coins in exchange for game surveys or dialing numbers to win young players. 

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