Rocket Star Mod Apk 1.51.2 (Unlimited Money) For Android Users

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DeveloperPixodust Games
Requires4.1 & Up
Size44.62 MB
MOD FeaturesForced to use coins to upgrade
Updated02 Days Ago
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Are you seeking for a simple and accessible idle tycoon game to play on your smartphone or tablet? This new game from Pixodust Games is unquestionably a must-have for your Android devices. Feel free to enjoy the enjoyable space adventures and undemanding gameplay as you go on your idle space adventures.

As you begin your experiences on Earth, you will explore the magnificent universe. Construct your spaceship launcher station and begin to build your spacecraft. Earn idle income even when you’re not playing the game and take full use of the simulation gaming.

Our comprehensive reviews may learn more about Rocket Star’s fantastic gameplay.


Android players will appreciate the fantastic and adventurous space adventures of Rocket Star, in which you can experiment with the intriguing gameplay of spaceship factory simulation. As you seek to construct your spaceship empire across the universe, build and establish your launching stations on various planets. Assign your personnel to the construction, and you can relax or concentrate on the new factory investment. Thanks to the idle gaming components, Rocket Star will provide passive money for your enterprises even when you are not playing the game. 


Here is a list of all of the game’s fantastic features.

Have Fun With the Idle Spacecraft Manufacturing Simulation

Those of you who prefer idle simulation gameplay, we present you with the rewarding in-game experiences that you will undoubtedly enjoy. Feel free to put your crew of rocket scientists and workers to collect your idle cash while you’re away. From your command center, enjoy witnessing the incredible rocket launches. You have very little to do in the game other than acquiring money and planning your next space excursions.

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Manage Your Factory to Increase Productivity

As you immerse yourself in the fantastic spacecraft manufacturing, the game will allow you to immerse in the intriguing elements. You can begin managing your resources and automating your work to increase productivity. Examine the various control options to balance the available resources and automate your work performances effectively. As the game progresses, you will be able to produce and launch additional spaceships. 

Make Several Improvements to Your Factory

To keep things exciting, players will have access to great in-game experiences, including several factory upgrades. Many upgrades are available to improve work performance, technology, and earnings from your enterprises. Boost your production and manufacturing chains to get more enjoyment from the game.

Employ a Variety of People

With your employees, you can improve your work performance and earn more money from the business. The game lets players hire different staff to work in their factory and control center to improve their overall in-game experiences. You can recruit brilliant scientists to give your productions outstanding enhancements and technological advancements. 

Take in the Amazing Spaceship Launches

The game also includes fantastic spaceship launching experiences with stunning visuals and excellent rewards. You can wait for your rockets to be completed before playing your tappy tap mini-game and earning some cash.

Explore the Vastness of Space 

You will find yourself exploring the boundless space above with the launch of your spaceships. Have fun exploring new planets and building new stations. Discover the thrilling gameplay of rocket launching and prepare for a slew of new challenges. 

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Enjoy the Game Whether or Not You Have Access to the Internet

For those of you who prefer offline gaming, Rocket Star will more than satisfy you since the game includes portable in-game activities that you can enjoy. You can play the game without using your mobile data throughout your everyday commutes.

Take On Numerous Quests

As you continue in Rocket Star, you’ll be immersed in an intriguing rocket factory simulation with various challenging objectives. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay of spaceship construction and interplanetary missions. Have fun with various objectives that include launching spaceships and conquering new worlds.

Play for Free

The game is also available for free on Android devices. As a result, you can quickly find and download the game from the Google Play Store.

Mod Version

Ads and in-game purchases are constantly present because it’s still a freemium game. Check out the customized version of the game, which has unlocked gameplay, limitless money, and no ads. Experience the thrilling gameplay of Rocket Star without needing to purchase any goodies. Download the Rocket Star Mod Apk and follow the on-screen instructions.

Sound and Video Quality


With its intuitive and fascinating visual sensations, immerse yourself in yet another intriguing idle simulation activity. Enjoy the simple and engaging characters with in-game locations that help players immerse themselves in their spaceship-launching adventures. Like many other idle tycoon games, Rocket Star has simple graphics that make it playable on most Android devices.


Along with the stunning aesthetics and in-game graphics, Android gamers will appreciate the addictive audio experiences in Rocket Star, which includes responsive sound effects and soothing tunes. 

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Last Thoughts

Rocket Star is a terrific game to play in your spare time if you like intense idle clicker and tycoon action. The relaxed and undemanding gameplay is incredibly approachable. Simultaneously, the thrilling and intriguing in-game mechanisms will undoubtedly introduce you to addictive idle simulation games. Download the game today and enjoy.

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