Biden makes a move; Jan. 6 committee make have Stone; Oath Keeper wants prime time

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It is Friday! Exhale. It took two weeks for President Joe Biden to take action on the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse about half of the country’s rights. He took those two weeks on top of the four weeks when we already knew that those rights were being taken away. It is a good thing that Biden took some action, but more is still needed. The albatross of political malpractice still hangs around this administration as Biden has yet to publicly squash the supposed handshake deal he made with death eater Mitch McConnell to nominate an ardent anti-abortion judge to a lifetime appointment in Kentucky.

Meanwhile, just like the Nazis before them, the Jan. 6, fascists seem to have had a penchant for filming their crimes. It is a symptom of narcissism and megalomania. Hopefully, Biden’s Department of Justice will do the right thing and bring justice to their many country club doorsteps.

Here is some of what you might have missed:

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