Biden delivers forceful remarks on abortion rights; California takes action on insulin

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President Joe Biden delivered his most forceful condemnation yet of the ‘extremist’ assault on abortion rights on Friday. Meanwhile, however, those close to Biden are grousing about pleas by the base to take stronger action—and the companies now promising employees they’ll pay travel expenses for those who can no longer get those procedures in their own states aren’t exactly rushing to apologize for their long, long histories of supporting politicians who promised to take those rights away.

This week also saw a particularly dramatic example of the divergent paths being taken by Democratic-led and Republican-led states. Using its own gargantuan economic power, California intends to help solve the problem of soaring insulin costs in the state by manufacturing the drug for itself. Florida’s Republican government, in the meantime, continues to focus its most vigorous attention on defeating conservatism’s latest existential enemies: LGBT children.

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