Bannon’s unsophisticated coup plan; Twitter sues Elon Musk

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‘My plan, which is mine, is that Donald Trump declare himself Dear Leader and that from now on he’s the only one who gets to decide who wins elections. That should take care of things, right?’

The Wall Street Journal and other conservative media outlets claimed that President Joe Biden’s anger over a 10-year-old Ohio girl having to leave the state to get an abortion after being raped was “fanciful” or made up. A man has now been arrested for that rape, and the conservatives who claimed the case was an imaginary, unfair slight meant to make abortion-banning Ohio Republicans look like compassionless and willingly cruel dirtbags, are hardly falling over themselves to make corrections.

In other dirtbag news, former Trump adviser Steve Bannon is getting renewed attention for his own bold plans to erase democracy in the United States—plans that consisted of Donald Trump declaring that he won the election because he said so, that’s why; and Twitter is now suing Elon Musk for backing out of his supposed deal to buy the social network. Is it possible Musk never intended to close it in the first place? It sure is!

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