NYC Mayor Eric Adams aide Frank Carone meets with Biden in Israel

NYC Mayor Eric Adams aide Frank Carone meets with Biden in Israel

Frank Carone, Mayor Adams’ chief of staff, joined President Biden at a Thursday reception in Jerusalem hosted by the Israeli government, White House and City Hall officials confirmed.

The reception Carone attended was held at the home of Israeli President Isaac Herzog to present Biden with the country’s medal of honor, a White House official said.

According to a White House pool report, Biden and Herzog both made speeches at the event, which was attended by roughly 100 people.

Carone, who as chief of staff is one of Adams’ top advisers, traveled to Israel earlier this week with two other senior City Hall officials, International Affairs Commissioner Edward Mermelstein and mayoral adviser Joel Eisdorfer.

The chief of staff has posted pictures on Twitter this week of himself meeting with Jerusalem’s mayor and other local officials.

Adams spokesman Fabien Levy said the trip — Carone’s third international excursion since becoming chief of staff — is in part being bankrolled by city taxpayers.

“His hotel and flight were paid by the city, but local transportation and meals will be covered by Frank,” Levy said.

Beyond the Biden reception, Levy said Carone is in Israel to hold meetings on a range of topics, including public safety and food policy.

Also, “He is looking at how we can bring more businesses back to New York City and rebuild the city as an international hub of innovation,” Levy said.

Like Carone, Adams has had a penchant for traveling since taking office. The mayor has also pushed back against those who question his trips.

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“If I’m going to sit home while other people are coming, taking our businesses, that’s a big mistake,” Adams said in May after drawing criticism for a trip to Los Angeles, during which he attended at least one campaign fundraiser. “I’m going to crisscross the globe and I’m going to show people our product.”

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