Police seek convenience-store skimmer suspect

Police seek convenience-store skimmer suspect

OAKLAND — Police said Tuesday they were trying to identify a suspect who installed a card skimmer on a convenience store’s credit-card reader earlier this month.

In a statement, police said surveillance video inside 7-Eleven, 3500 Grand Ave., showed a man enter the store just after 9 p.m. on July 16 before walking to the front counter and applying a skimmer to a credit-card reader.

Criminals often attach these devices to credit or debit card readers at automated-teller machines and gas stations, hoping to gather unsuspecting shoppers’ card and personal-identification numbers to make fraudulent purchases.

Loose parts around such devices’ card-reader slots often give away their installation, police said.

Police said anyone who visited this store between July 16 and 17 and bought anything using a credit or debit card should check with their bank to report any possible fraud attempts.

Police added that similar devices were found at a Bank of America ATM at 303 Hegenberger Road on January 10 and April 21.

Anyone with information about this or other related incidents may call Oakland police’s general crimes investigators at 510-238-3728.

Contact George Kelly at 408-859-5180.

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