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Lindsay Arnold joined the HollywoodLife Podcast and opened up about her recent viral TikTok video, in which her daughter Sage, 18 mos, comforts her as she cries following a negative pregnancy test. Ahead of announcing her departure from the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars, the former pro took to social media to be real with her followers about her struggle to get pregnant with baby number 2. “It is so hard, but there is comfort in knowing that we’re not alone. Up until about a couple years ago, no one discussed it, and it makes you feel shame and like something is wrong with you — and there isn’t. Everybody goes through it in our own different ways,” Lindsay explained on the HollywoodLife Podcast. “I was definitely scared to post it. Like, should I not be talking about this personal stuff? But I’m glad that I did.”

In the viral video, Lindsay and her daughter Sage are seen celebrating after the pro gets a positive result on a pregnancy test. However, the text over the video says, “When you get a positive pregnancy test and then start your [period] a few days later but your sweet daughter is there for you every step of the way…” The next clip, the 18-month-old wipes her mom’s tears away and cuddles her on the floor of her closet. “I think she’s too young to understand, but it is pretty crazy how she fully understands our emotions. She knows when I’m sad, she knows when I’m happy and she kind of responds to that and adapts to that,” Lindsay explained, adding that moment was “probably the one of the coolest moments in motherhood for [her], so far.”

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“Just knowing how deeply connected she is to my emotions — she’s an extension of me, she is my heart outside of my body,” Lindsay gushed. “I know she doesn’t get what was going on, but she understood that there was happy, there was sad, and mom was going through it. She had empathy for me.”

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The dancer said that she and her husband, Samuel Cusick, are definitely continuing to try for their second child. “We are so excited to make another sibling for Sage!” she said, adding that her daughter has already proven what a great big sister she will be with her baby cousins. “She is incredible, like, no jealousy at all. She’s so loving towards the baby, she’s so excited to see them. She’s so nurturing, so I cannot wait to have another sibling for her. We definitely want more kids, that’s always been in the plans for us.”

Lindsay spoke to HL to chat about the new ChiccoDUO bottle — the first glass-lined plastic baby bottle. “There are so many options out there, and honestly, it’s hard to know which route you’re supposed to with bottles, it was definitely a big choice for us.” she explained. “Sage loves the ChiccoDUO bottle. I don’t have to worry about her dropping it and it breaking, and it’s just amazing.”

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