Delaware monitoring asylum-seeker flight from Texas

Delaware monitoring asylum-seeker flight from Texas

President Biden brushed off Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s latest effort to score political points by apparently sending a plane filled with asylum seekers to the president’s home state of Delaware.

As local officials scrambled to prepare for the incoming immigrants on Tuesday, Biden refused to take the bait from reporters who shouted questions about the GOP stunt after an unrelated White House event.

“He should come visit. We have a beautiful shoreline,” Biden said about DeSantis.

The plane that that started the day in Texas is the same aircraft that DeSantis used to ferry immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts over the weekend.

DeSantis refused to say whether the plane would go to Delaware.

Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) slammed DeSantis for tricking immigrants into agreeing to take a flight 1,000 miles away from where they will have to appear in court to apply for asylum.

“What a cruel stunt to a group of folks who are applying for asylum,” he said.

A flight tracking service claimed the plane was expected to fly first to a small airport in the Florida Panhandle, then on to an airport in Georgetown, Delaware, about 20 miles from Rehoboth Beach.

That’s a similar route taken by the flight that dumped 49 mostly Venezuelan asylum seekers on Martha’s Vineyard.

A San Antonio sheriff has opened a criminal investigation into the flights, suggesting that asylum seekers were tricked into boarding the flight by Florida officials who produced bogus brochures falsely promising jobs and benefits.

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DeSantis and fellow Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas say they are shipping the migrants north to Democratic-run cities and states, including New York and Washington D.C. to dramatize the urgency of the situation at the southern border.

Democrats call it a shameless political stunt and accuse the conservative leaders of using human beings as pawns.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has feuded with Abbott over the Lone Star State’s convoys of buses ferrying migrants to the Big Apple, which Hizzoner says has strained city services.

A female asylum-seeker who was put on a bus from Texas to New York City killed herself in a city shelter Monday, sparking a new round of recriminations.

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